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FaZe Swagg Reveals a Huge Secret About Call of Duty Modern Warfare II – “Not Like How You Think It Is”

Published 07/19/2022, 8:45 AM EDT

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated game of the year. The first game of this iconic series turned out to become a massive hit and the franchise churned a handsome profit. Fans, on the other hand, also appreciated the game’s release.

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However, as years passed by, users became tired of churning around the same title for months together. Moreover, they demanded a new one, giving rise to the mighty Modern Warfare II. Activision has announced October 28th as the release date for its upcoming Call Of Duty titles across all platforms.


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However, the franchise allowed some popular streamers to have early access to the game to get fruitful feedback. Out of all streamers, FaZe Swagg’s comments caught the most attention as the COD pro referred to the game as “not like how you think it is.”

Swagg got the opportunity to play Modern Warfare II before its official release. Vividly, he also uploaded a video talking about its campaign missions, quietly revealing crucial facts about the game.

FaZe clan member spills tea about the upcoming Call Of Duty title 

On July 16th, 2022, FaZe Swagg uploaded a video on his second channel, MoreSwagg. In that, he spoke about the upcoming Call Of Duty title, Modern Warfare II. The video also featured his clan member, Yaboisantana, who initiated the conversation about the Activision-owned game. 

Swagg’s Modern Warfare II conversation by comparing it with its prequel, he felt both games gave out the same vibe. This gave rise to Santana’s question, where he asked Swagg if Activision had changed its fonts. Sadly, the COD pro gave less information about this issue, as he found it hard to explain.


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However, Swagg continued to unveil things related to in-game movement, as he explained how much the franchise had improved compared to its previous games. Lastly, he spoke about the iconic Dolphin Diving coming back to Call Of Duty after a very long time.

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For those in the dark, Dolphin Diving is when a player is holding the crouch button would fling you into an airborne prone position. It is sometimes proved as a savvy way of avoiding fire but is mainly used to fling down the stairs in Kino Der Toten.

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