Faze Swagg’s Call of Duty Warzone Tier List Pokes Fun at Timthetatman, Leaves Out Dr Disrespect

February 23, 2021 10:31 pm

FaZe Swagg recently shared a tier list of top Professional Call of Duty Warzone streamers. This list ranked all the famous streamers and their ability to perform in the Battle Royale title. The list covered the who’s who of the Warzone community, but it left Call of Duty veteran, Dr Disrespect out, which seems shocking.

The tier list contained many top names of the streaming community, but Swagg placed TimTheTatman at the bottom. Swagg’s tier list pokes fun at Tim, as it also contained a wide range of streamers that fans might deem unworthy to sit right next to Tim. Check out the picture of the entire tier list shared by ModernWarzone, that poked fun at Tim.

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FaZe Swagg thinks these players are the worst in Call of Duty Warzone

TimTheTatman was not the only streamer that secured the status of being the worst. The professional player pit him alongside other streamers like Bobbypoff. JaredFPS, MERK, Frozone, Maven, IceManIsaac, and Gangsfazsalute88. Tim is not going to happy about his placing, let alone being labeled one of the worst players in the world. His regular teammates in Cloakzy and Nickmercs were placed at a respectable position of the list that correctly reflects the skills they possessed.

The people of the world love TimTheTatman and all that he does for the community. He regularly puts on an amazing show for the fans that often leads to angry rants and hilarious moments. The tier list of Warzone streamers mostly contained names of streamers from Twitch, which could be the reason why he did not include Doc.

Doc has built his entire brand on the platform despite the recent controversies. If this list contained his name, he may have secured a place well above most streamers.

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Twitter reacts to Swagg’s tier list of Warzone streamers

Users of the platform came together to share their opinion of the list. Fans did not agree with the list of names, while some listed out names that were missing. Nevertheless, the tier list indeed caused a ruckus on Twitter as fans continued to flock to the thread.

It is not easy to gulp down defeat so easily, and streamers are no different from rest of us. This suggestion from the fans might seem far-fetched, as even a player of Shroud’s caliber never proclaims to be the best at competitive games.

Tim has a massive fan following, so angry fans’ reaction was expected. This fan shared his disappointment while also mounting a defense for the famous streamer.

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Some replies hinted that the community should take it easy, as the entire list might just be an elaborate prank from Swagg.

Let’s all agree that the top tier players are rated correctly, with the exception of a few names in the lower tiers.

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