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Theory: The Last of Us Season 2 Will Be Drastically Different?!

Published 02/08/2023, 12:50 PM EST

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The Last of Us Season 1 from HBO Max is a really complicated story with several side stories running in parallel. Thus it seems kind of curious that the writer of the show, Craig Mazin, has tried so hard to keep the show in a streamlined structure.

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But as episode 4 of the season is ongoing right now, one question that is constantly buzzing in the minds of many is whether the show will actually conclude in the same way the first game concluded. Or will there be an alternate ending? And somehow it seems the latter option is more approachable than the former.

And to make it very clear, one thing has to keep in mind the things that will be discussed below are just speculations based on facts, and they have to be taken with a grain of salt.


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Will The Last of Us keep Pedro Pascal alive even in the second season?

If you are a seasoned player of the Last of Us games, or even if you only are interested in the storyline of the game, you will come to realize that Pedro Pascal, who is playing the role of Joel in an extraordinarily amazing manner, will have to die in the second season.

This is because of the fact that the creators of the show have already promised that they will not do anything separately from the original storyline [a promise which they have already broken after airing episode 3 of the season] in the TV adaptation.


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But what is actually interesting is that the writers of the show Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, are known to deliver more while promising less, and the best example of this is none other than HBO’s own superhit show Chernobyl.

This is because Chernobyl, despite being a true story, followed a different path for the majority of the series, giving viewers an experience of a lifetime. Therefore, the same can be said for The Last of Us, which already has a thing for experimental storytelling. Giving creators a chance to redeem Joel and expand upon a storyline that is far more complicated and emotional than the one already known to fans from the video games.

But one solid proof of this is the inclusion of Neil Druckmann, the man himself behind the Last of Us video games as a writer and creator of the show, who already knows how fans reacted to Joel’s death in the second game. And, surprise; surprise is the only creative force to change the entire story of the show, which can be seen in the finale of season 1, creating a redemption arc for not just Joel, but for the entire second part of the video game as well.

Will Abby be the real antagonist in the second season?


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Although she is one of the most hated characters from the Last of Us universe, Abby might not be the antagonist of the story. However, she might actually become a potential ally to Joel and Ellie for a major part of the story, helping them take revenge on the Fireflies. This will in fact give her a much stronger character arc, making her a fan favorite as well.

However, this is again just a theory that has a very low chance of actually seeing any real light. But if this happens, one thing will become clear, ‘The Last of Us part 3’ can become a reality and might actually come back even stronger with a much more interesting storyline.


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What do you think about this? Do you think it can be a reality? Let us know in the comments below.

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