Final Fantasy is a significant name among gamers and streamers. After having its fair share of struggle, the release of Final Fantasy XVI has established the FF franchise as one of the most successful video game franchises. Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XVI was released on June 22, 2023. Recently, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the game, posts his opinion on Final Fantasy 16, which has received multiple positive and negative points from fans.

Sakaguchis’s Twitter post on FF16 has started a whole new argument. It seems like the father of the game has played the latest FF title and sharing his experience on Twitter. After reading what he has said, some fans are quite shocked and some are very excited. Meanwhile, a few users think that the gaming community is misinterpreting this post.

In a recent Tweet, Hironobu Sakaguchi addresses Final Fantasy XVI as the ultimate fantasy mentioning that he has finally finished playing the game. 


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Is Sakaguchi really happy after the game? What is the exact message he is conveying through this post? Let’s see what fans think of it!

Fan’s Reactions to Sakaguchi’s Tweet on Final Fantasy XVI

As soon as he posts this, the comment section is overflowing with reactions. A fan says FFXVI is the true Final Fantasy game as the Father of the game is saying it himself.

Another fan seems to be very hopeful about the future FF title after the post of Sakaguchi.

There has been a huge controversy about this Tweet. While some people think Sakaguchi is claiming FFXVI as the ‘Ultimate Fantasy’, some fans have come up with a different meaning. According to them, he has made the post in Japanese and that’s how people actually refer to Final Fantasy in Japan. A user @psxbnin has explained that Sakaguchi has never said that FF16 is amazing, rather he has literally just mentioned the name of the game.

Twist in the Story from FFXVI’s Creator Sakaguchi

During all this controversy, Sakaguchi posts another tweet that might justify his previous post to some extent. It might calm the fans down who were pretty upset from the earlier post. In this post, Sakaguchi says, “I think… FINAL FANTASY is something that continues to evolve. It is never completed. Adventurousness, Courage, and Determination are the key words.”

While a bunch of people are taking his words as a sign of failure for Final Fantasy XVI, true fans have started the countdown for future FF titles.


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This post might pacify the heated-up argument on Sakaguchi’s first post but it has also opened another door to think about the future titles of Final Fantasy. Anyway, creation is always susceptible to judgment and criticism, but over time, it will prove its worth.

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However, social media is a place where one should be prepared for multiple uncalled-for opinions. Hironobu Sakaguchi’s recent Twitter posts on Final Fantasy XVI can be interpreted in many ways. What are your thoughts about his tweets? Let me know in the comment section below!

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