PlayStation isn’t pulling any punches to make sure they stay ahead in the Console Wars. A new Spider-Man 2-inspired PlayStation controller has fans drooling with its stunning effects.

Taking inspiration from the in-game symbiote of Marvel’s Spider-Man, devs Insomniac Games pulled off a captivating session at the San Diego Comic-Con. At the event, the devs dropped a lot of new information involving Spider-Man 2, including the first looks into the new PS5 console. With custom console cover designs and DualSense controllers, the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Bundle stole the show for many fans at the Comic-Con.

Nevertheless, Xbox activated their own trump card by sealing a landmark deal in the gaming industry.


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Xbox-Activision deal putting PlayStation in a vulnerable position

The ongoing tremors in the console industry are still being felt. Microsoft’s takeover of Call of Duty developers Activision-Blizzard has shaken the market conditions. In such a situation, industry leader Sony is trying everything to make sure they don’t fall behind competitors in terms of sales. While PlayStation does have a pretty lengthy roster of exclusive titles, the Xbox-Activision deal has already hinted at Sony losing a number of franchises from its consoles in the future.

However, the Xbox makers promise to bring out upcoming CoD titles on PlayStation consoles without any restrictions. To show their goodwill, Xbox has also signed a binding deal with Sony till 2033. However, Sony will be affected significantly by the deal. As damage control tactics, PlayStation is scurrying to bring out multiple new products and titles exclusive to their platform. They showcased some of these items at the recent San Diego Comic-Con.

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Among these, none turned more heads than the custom new  Spider-Man 2 PS5 Limited Edition Bundle.

Sony getting back with the Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Bundle

With the reveal, fans can’t stop marveling at how slick the new PlayStation 5 console looks. Many speculate that this is just another attempt by Sony to stay on top of the pecking order. The developers believe that the new console is able to capture the look and feel of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 very well. The way the console seems to be taken over by the in-game symbiote has even the designers unable to stop appreciating its looks.

Since the reveal, fans have taken to social media to express their approval of the new PS5. Danny thinks the new console just made buying a new PS5 a good decision.

Another user also thinks the new looks are pretty neat.

Another fan just wants to give Sony their money.

Megathesis has his head clear about the new looks.


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Angel Martinez also makes a stand.


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What do you think of the new Spider-Man 2-inspired decals? Let us know!

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