These 5 Things Should Return in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III From 2022’s Installment

Published 05/30/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will soon witness an end to its run later this year. Most fans are expecting Activision to drop a brand new premium installment in its place which is rumored to be its direct sequel.

According to the strong leaks so far, the upcoming title will reportedly be called Modern Warfare III due to its connection with the ongoing entry. This means it will likely carry forward certain aspects of the present offering. MWII is not a perfect game and has got many flaws but there some some elements in it which can be further utilized in the franchise going forward.

Which elements Call of Duty 2023 should borrow from Modern Warfare II?


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YouTuber and COD expert TheXclusiveAce is an amazing streamer who drops COD content on his channel regularly. A few days ago, he released an interesting clip on his channel mentioning the  5 best things Modern Warfare II can offer to the future entries in light of the next major title coming out this year.


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To begin with, he thinks the camo grind structure from Infinity Ward’s current game should make a repeat appearance. According to him, compared to previous installments, it’s been refreshing that after unlocking a camo for a certain gun, players can use that camo on other weapons as well.

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Next up is the option of switching between score streaks and kill streaks. Modern Warfare II gives the users a unique feature of choosing their own preference. Previously, in 2019’s rebooted title, one had to use a perk in an extremely competitive tier to eventually get score streaks. This pattern was changed with the present game.


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Another important feature which was added to MWII a little after its release was the inverted flash. After activating this option, players get a black screen instead of witnessing a disturbing white screen. This prevents the players from being blinded in real life, especially if they are playing in dark rooms.

TheXclusiveAce also mentioned that the next installment from Activision should also bring back Drill Charge. For him, it was one of the most amazing in-game items the current title has unveiled.

Last but not the least is the continuation of the Firing Range. TheXclusiveAce told that after 2017’s World War II, Infinity Ward’s game is the first Call of Duty to re-introduce Firing Range once again. In general, this feature has been there in many classic entries but wasn’t added back until Modern Warfare II arrived in 2022. Given the fact that MWIII will likely include Gunsmithing, players will expect to see Firing Range once again.


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He caps of the video by stating that he know there are flaws with these existing features as wll, but that their improved versions will elevate gaming experience to a whole new level. Let us know in the comments which features do you want in Modern Warfare 3.

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