Following A Call With $400 Million Worth Kanye West, Adin Ross Explains Why He Can’t Have ‘Ye’ On His Live Stream

Published 12/13/2022, 7:45 AM EST

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Adin Ross finally broke the silence about why he would never feature Kanye West on his stream. The 21-year-old streamer penned down his thoughts, talking about how risky it would be to interview him. The past few months have been a disaster for Ye after he fell prey to multiple controversies. First, top brands ended their collaborations and called quits with the rapper over his controversial statements. Plus, he received massive hate from his fans after his comments on anti-Semitism and nazism. So, the majority of his deals saw a major downfall, with netizens trolling him. 

The past few months have been a rollercoaster for Adin Ross as he got swatted on stream. Apart from that, fans made controversial statements after he linked up with Andrew Tate and posted clips featuring him. So, Adin decided to steer clear of the Kanye controversy, sharing a few statements about the same. Apparently, Ross was scheduled to interview Kanye sometime back. However, after the controversy, it went on hold as there were other matters to attend to. So, the streamer decided to cancel it and share his thoughts, clearing out all assumptions made by his fans. 


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Adin Ross shuts down fans with a solid answer concerning the Kanye West interview 

On December 13, Adin Ross held his ‘Just Chatting’ stream on twitch. He went live to discuss the Kanye situation as he received massive heat over it. So, to clear all doubts, allegations, and assumptions made, he went live to break the secrets of this massive interview. 

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However, the call did not feature any of the topics related to the controversy as Ross confirmed on stream. “I gave him my number we talked to my phone for about 30 minutes okay we talked about um, some conversations that had nothing to do with what was going on and um you know I spoke with yay and uh you know for me I’m a long-given fan of Kanye I’ve been I was starstruck at the moment.”


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Ross’s stream trolled him over this as they did not believe the twitch streamer at any point. So, he even featured his Instagram conversation with Ye to shut down the haters. Lastly, he revealed the most anticipated question everyone was waiting for. 

“I can’t have my platform be used to spread hate and I can’t have my platform be used to basically insult people and hurt people and hurt and hurt everyone. So, I decided not to go through with the stream,” Adin said talking about not going forward with the interview.  


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All in all, Adin’s statement finally cleared the air. Moreover, he was part of multiple controversies, so it was clever for him to break the secret. 

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