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Following His “7 Days Buried” Video, MrBeast Fans Raise Worrying Concerns Towards His Health

Published 11/20/2023, 12:37 PM EST

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Every time you think you have seen MrBeast implement the wildest of challenges and experiments, the YouTube King comes up with another chartbuster. The creator took the fans back to an iconic challenge involving him being buried under the ground for 50 hours. He took things to an ultimate level this time, as the challenge extended to a week. However, despite being an entertaining fest, the video has invited some disappointed reactions from the community for a very valid reason. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

While there are plenty of reasons the YouTuber has been dominating the entertainment industry for so long, fans see sheer dedication and commitment as his standout qualities. Although, some recent Reddit discussions have fueled a debate around the creator’s dangerous challenges and how they might not be what the fans would want to see more often.

MrBeast “playing around too much” with his life? 


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Mrbeast has always expressed how he wants to push the limits of creativity and production value with his every upload. And the recent progression of his content speaks to his desire to be the best. But for a lot of fans, risking his life for the sake of their entertainment isn’t an ideal deal. 

A Reddit user made a striking confession on the platform which aligned with a lot of other MrBeast fans’ opinions. “the buried for 7 days one was insanely close to going tragic, especialy as there was a problem with the coffin that he was in, as a screw in the foundation of the coffin, which could have caused a collapsing effect, which would have been genuienly tragic, as many people in the past has tragicly had things go wrong when doing stunts like this”, the user added. 


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I am genuinely concerned for Jimmy’s health
byu/Wolf14Vargen14 inMrBeast


According to the user, the creator has been experimenting with life-threatening challenges. And the scale of such features only seems to be increasing. Of course, fans enjoy entertainment, but anything that might compromise the health of their favorite YouTuber cannot be worth it.

“I Spent 7 Days Buried Alive”- The video that has MrBeast fans worried

From going without food for days to surviving on harsh sea adventures with minimum resources, there’s nothing MrBeast hasn’t pulled off. But fans worried for the YouTuber, following his latest ‘Buried Alive’ video.

The 25-year-old, for his most recent YouTube video, buried himself alive in a glass coffin for seven days. The YouTuber brought some MREs and Feastables snacks, a five-gallon container of water, and a briefcase filled with his friends’ “essentials” in order to survive being buried alive. Meanwhile, MrBeast had someone watching him around-the-clock to guarantee his safety.


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For the fans, this adrenaline-rich entertainment wasn’t worth all the hardships the creator had to go through. The Reddit user also drew a parallel between the creator with the greatest escape artist, Houdini, who was allegedly killed due to a malfunction during one of his stunts. And a lot of fans expressed their agreement in the discussion as they highlighted their concerns with the video.

Most of these concerns also have a valid reason. During the video, you can see the YouTuber constantly talking about the threat of blood clots. Further, MrBeast suffers from the chronic Crohn’s disease, making him more vulnerable to health complications. 


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Hopefully, the worrying messages would reach out to the YouTube superstar and fans might get some ‘safer’ entertainment following on. 

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