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Former OTV member Pokimane Sheds Tears Watching LoL Pro Scarra’s Lifestory – “That’s Pretty Good”

Published 05/26/2023, 9:05 AM EDT

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The past week has been extremely emotional for Pokimane fans as she finally closed OTV’s chapter from her life. She graduated from the organization, promising to walk towards a new chapter. As of now, there’s no reason explained as to why she came to this decision, but that didn’t mean fans avoided speculations. In fact, each of them had a theory that got instantly shut down. 

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However, Pokimane’s massive leap did not stop her from continuing her usual life as she kept uploading videos. For instance, she uploaded a 17-minute-long video reacting to her dead friend Scarra’s life. In that, the content creator played a slideshow of all her memories until it finally hit her, and she pressed end. 

Pokimane gets teary after reminiscing about her relationship with OfflineTV member Scarra


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It is no secret that Pokimane and Scarra always had a fruitful relationship. The clan members never failed to have a good laugh, as one could easily point out in her recent upload. In her May 23 video, Pokimane featured Scarra’s journey through clips. She watched each of them with undivided attention, also sharing her feelings openly. 

The entire video was a timeline of how their relationship grew from friends to family. At first, they were just two people of the same clan, but as time passed, they had some unforgettable moments. One of the iconic moments of their relationship was the clan having alcohol, as Scarra always made it grand.


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Despite a controversial relationship with the bottle, he never failed to put a smile on everyone’s face around him. So, when Pokimane went through them one after another, she could not stop smiling. 


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Then, there were a few cute moments of Scarra himself, where he was the absolute entertainer. With strange pranks, rage quits, cosplays, and more, the LoL pro was no less than a legend. This made Pokimane almost fall off her chair, as she could not stop laughing. It was surprising how the creator could remember every bit of it, as there wasn’t a time when she said, “That’s pretty good.” 

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And last but not least, Pokimane almost broke down at the end of the video as she said, “I don’t cry because I can’t believe it’s been that many years.” After all, Scarra made sure to keep the fun going, and that’s why even fans love his personality. 

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