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Former Rockstar Games Technical Director Unveils the Mystery Behind the ‘Size-Shifting’ Moon in GTA San Andreas

Published 11/21/2023, 9:44 AM EST

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Remember the infamous moon glitch from GTA San Andreas? One of the brains behind the creation of GTA SA has just made a striking revelation about it. Apparently, it was never a bug. GTA San Andreas has just come under the spotlight as fans reminisce about the golden days of ‘shooting at the moon’. 

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Rockstar Games released the 2004 classic GTA San Andreas as a follow-up to GTA Vice City and it had some big boots to fill. And the game was a flawless action-packed adventure. However, there’s still a mystery glitch that fans couldn’t get an answer to, until now! A former Rockstar Games video game designer has unveiled the mystery behind it. Turns out it was a symbol of a hilarious development conflict.

GTA San Andreas moon glitch appears to be an industry ‘easter egg’! 


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Obbe Vermeij, the former Technical Director of Rockstar Games, through some recent blogs, talked about his fourteen-year experience in the company. And this included some striking insights into the development process of one of the most celebrated gaming franchises. One of these blogs addressed the moon in GTA SA and here’s what went behind making it a ‘size-shifter’. 

According to the developer’s confession, the bug was, in fact, a result of the team’s conflict on the size of the moon in the game. The team was divided on whether the moon should have an ideal realistic small size or a cinematic grandeur. Initially, Vermeij had made it a realistic-sized moon but was asked to change it into something more cinematic. But the team still couldn’t reach a conclusion. So, the designer came up with a resolution and made the moon size-shifting for the team to try to fix a shape. 


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Since I was working on the sniper rifle, I made it so that the moon toggled through 3 sizes (small, medium, large) as the player sniped it. The artists never got back to me so I just left it in. It was still there in SA,” the creator concluded in the blog.

For those unaware, the moon would resize (Normal Size-Bigger-Bigger-Smaller-Bigger-Normal Size) in the 3D Universe if a sniper rifle was fired at it, but other weapons would not function. It has been a well-known enigma in San Andreas, similar to the “big-foot” notion in the game and several others. Well, the blog has answered one big mystery for sure. As per the reveal, this was all a product of ‘loophole miscommunication!’


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What popular myths do you remember believing during the days of GTA SA? Let us know if you ever found the rumored ‘big-foot’ in the game.

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