Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass: New Skins, Gliders, Emotes and More

Published 03/16/2021, 9:44 AM EDT

The wait is finally over as Fortnite has entered Chapter 2 Season 6. The season kicked off with the Zero Point finale that saw agent Jones team up with The Foundation, a member of ‘The Seven’, to seal the zero point in a stone tower. As a result, a reality wave was sent through the map, erasing all technological progress. This has left behind a Jurassic biome, thus introducing the ‘Primal’ theme.


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As with every new season, the battle pass has been updated. Players will once again have to make a one-time investment of 900 V-Bucks in order to unlock skins, gliders. emotes and up to 1500 V-Bucks throughout the course of the season.

Fortnite Battle Pass content


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The first skin you will unlock in the Battle pass is the ‘Agent Jones’ skin. He is a focal character in Season 5 who has already made his mark on Season 6. Next, as part of the ‘Gaming Legends Series,’ we have Lara Croft. The tomb raider appears twice in the battle pass and comes with alternate skin styles to choose from.

Keeping with the primal theme, we have a hunter called Tarana. Later on, in the battle pass, you can also unlock this skin with ‘X-Tinction’ armor, which is made from a dinosaur skeleton.

Halfway through the battle pass at level 50, you will unlock Raz. He is a mystic character who is “on a mission to uncover the spire’s secrets.”

At level 61 you will unlock the chicken warrior ‘Cluck’ who can be seen during the Zero Point finale event. You can even earn the Slurpy and Eggsplosive versions of this skin.

At level 77 we see the first glimpse of the Fortnite x DC collaboration for Season 6. This comes in the form of Raven, a founding member of the Teen Titans. Throughout the course of the battle pass, you will unlock 3 different Raven skins.

Firstly, the rebirth version based on her depiction in DC’s Rebirth series. Secondly, the classic version based on the old-school DC comics and lastly her humanoid form Rachel Roth. The last battle pass skin is the ‘Spire Assassin’ who is described as the “Guardian of a world beyond reality.”

Here’s a list of the skins and the tiers you can unlock them at:

Agent Jones (Tier 1)

Lara Croft (Tier 15)

Lara Croft 25th Anniversary (Tier 22)

Tarana (Tier 29)

Tarana X-Tinction Armor (Tier 37)

Raz (Tier 50)

Cluck (Tier 61)

Cluck (Slurpy) (Tier 69)

Rebirth Raven (Tier 77)

Raven Classic (Tier 85)

Spire Assasin (Tier 100)


The new battle pass contains 5 new harvesting tools. First, at tier 16 you will unlock the ax which is a primal multi-purpose tool. Next at Tier 26, we get the ‘Chainsaur’. Aptly named, this pickaxe is a hybrid between a chainsaw and dinosaur bones.

At level 38 we have the ‘Crystal Axe of the Master’ which has been crafted from a single zero-point crystal. Keeping with the Cluck theme at level 64 you will unlock the ‘Drummies’. This pickaxe takes the form of 2 chicken drumsticks.

Lastly, at tier 78, you will unlock the ‘Axe-trail form’ which is part of the DC collection. This pickaxe is free and can also be unlocked without purchasing the battle pass.


Across the season 6 battle pass players can earn 6 gliders. These include:

Salvaged Chute (Tier 20)
Bone Patrol (Tier 30)
Soaring Cipher (Tier 45)Eggar (Tier 59)
Soaring Soul-self (Tier 72)
Spire Fire (Tier 89)


Like previous seasons, Season 6 features a combination of generic emotes such as the clean sweep and character-themed emotes such as ‘Dream Stance’ for Raz. The emotes included this season are:

Clean Sweep (Tier 7)
Evasive maneuvers (Tier 18)
Cardistry (Tier 32)
Dream Stance (Tier 53)
Boots ‘N’ Cats (Tier 62)
Azarath Metrion Zinthos (Tier 83)
Tower Guard (Tier 100)

Back Blings


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The back bling available in the Season 6 battle pass are:

Survivors pack (Tier 10)
Dino Deck (Tier 34)
Endless Scroll (Tier 48)
Hatch pack (Tier 56)
Hatch pack (slurpy) (Tier 67)
Dimensional Gate (Tier 82)
Souls Reach (Tier 93)

Epic Games has also teased a Neymar skin that will be coming to the game. What do you think of the new battle pass? Do you plan on purchasing it? Let us know in the comments down below.


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