The ‘nostalgia’ fever is high as the glory days of Fortnite are back in the game with a new chapter! Chapter 4 of Season 5 has gone live today at 3 am ET and fans couldn’t have asked for a better post-Halloween treat. The all-new chapter in just moments after its launch has taken the gaming world by storm. With all the speculations and rumors regarding the ‘OG’ season, the expectations were sky high. So, is the Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 4 worth all the wait? 

Ever since Epic Games confirmed the Chapter 1 glory features returning to the upcoming season, fans were looking forward to the big release. The theories around the return of OG weapons, maps, skins, and many more nostalgic elements had only added to the hype built around the launch. Moreover, the fact that Epic Games teased some exciting innovations arriving in the OG world fueled another hot streak of theories. Finally, the Chapter is live, and here’s everything it offers.

All the Changes in Maps and Battle Pass


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There is a long list of changes that Fortnite brings to Chapter 4, but with a shorter season (just one month).

  • The ‘OG’ Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is named the OG Pass for the season. Parallel to the season, the battle pass is also small, having 50 tiers of throwback rewards.

Also, to cater to the smaller battle pass, the weekly changes and updates introduced in the game will be drastic throughout the season. The makers have aimed to reminisce about various eras of Chapter 1 through all the weekly changes. However, some updates will stay consistent during the month.

The four skins that are available in the battle pass might hit a strong nostalgic chord for all Fortnite veterans: Lil Split, Spectra Knight, Omegarock, and Renegade Lynx. Remember them? 

Many other cosmetic items, like loading screens, Back Blings, gliders, and other standard Fortnite accouterments, are available with the pass. Given the lower overall rewards, the pass still costs 950 V-Bucks, which may deter some players.

However, it’s important to remember that the OG Pass and the upcoming Battle Pass Chapter 5 Season 1 can both be obtained with a one-month for eleven-dollar Fortnite Crew subscription.

Also, the fast-moving season will accordingly run the ranking system. So you’ll be able to climb up quicker to Unreal Rank in the ongoing month.

  • Fortnite Season Map

Currently, the island is inspired by Chapter 1 of the fifth season, but will be upgraded to the next season in the coming week. The schedule of all the changes will remain similar to the Battle Pass, with some major changes arriving weekly. For all the players dropping at the island this week, make sure to test your brain’s recall value as Epic Games does a great job of recreating the magic! 

Fortnite brings OG weapons and shop to the gameplay as well

According to the official Epic Games brief, Fortnite’s hotfix schedule will bring drastic changes in four phases. The most exciting lineup for these planned changes has to be weapons and loot.

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Currently, the chapter includes smaller loots like All Terrain Kart and Damage Trap, but as mentioned earlier, the weekly schedule will only take the OG brand to the next level. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from the coming weekly updates.

  • November 9 

  • November 16

  • November 23 

Missing on some items that would make your experience in the new “old” world better? Well, the OG Shop is your solution. 

The OG Fortnite Shop 


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All your desired Fortnite cosmetics and possessions that couldn’t get to your virtual portfolio are now easy to get, all thanks to the OG Shop in the new chapter. The shop doesn’t just have some historic classic skins and other cosmetics, but also brings some new wild ideas to the table. So, if you want a unique set of styles, the shop is your next stop! 

Recent leaks have also revealed that Steve Harrington and Eleven from Stranger Things will receive exclusive Fortnite skins. This may also mean the long-awaited comeback of the highly sought-after Sheriff Hopper and Demogorgon skins, which are still among the rarest in the game’s history. It is important to note that the Shop will only be available for a limited time as claimed by the official source. 


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So, what’s your favorite feature from everything that Epic Games is bringing to the tactics shooter world? 

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