It’s happening!! A series of rumors that seemed ‘too good to be true’ have finally received an official confirmation from the Fortnite developers. With the much-awaited launch of Season 5 Chapter 4, there were strong speculations about a big homecoming. The date for the homecoming has been announced, and it’s sooner than the fans expected.

The buzz around the Epic Games’ highly celebrated battle royale had been running hot in the industry for a while now. Ever since the reports of some ‘OG’ Fortnite features returning with the release of Season 5 Chapter 4 made it to the web, fans had been looking forward to an official confirmation. Well, great news for all the tactical shooter fans, the countdown to the nostalgic gameplay has just begun! 

Fortnite revisiting the ‘OG’ features from Chapter 1 


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From Easter eggs to pop culture references to crossovers, Fortnite does it all. For a long while, the fans of the shooter-giant had demanded the developers bring back some of the classic features from Chapter 1. And when the leaks claimed Epic Games were actually working on the idea, theories were fueled. The claims suggested an introduction of ‘time corruption’ that would take back the players to the source chapter letting them revisit the old maps of 2018. 

Fortunately, it’s not a theory anymore. Through their official X (formerly Twitter) account, the Fortnite page posted, Sprint (or Mantle, your choice) back to Chapter 1….see you soon 11.3.2023.”

The game bringing a lot of the ‘OG’ features to the new chapter marks nothing less than a celebration for the hardcore Fortnite fans. The latest patch updates in the game had only supported the theory. Kado Thorne’s time machine delivered signage for several establishments on the island, such as Durr Burger, Truck ‘N’ Oasis, and Dusty Diner. The Time Machine and Fortnitemares 2023 were both added to the island in the most recent patch, version 26.30. 

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Following the latest announcement, the community is thrilled. Further, even some celebrity streamers couldn’t contain their excitement after the news went viral across social media.

The streaming community reacts to the homecoming! 

Fortnite has strongly held onto its popularity among streamers since its release in 2017. Moreover, it has given a lot of big names in the early stages to showcase their talent. Thus, no one besides these superstar streamers could feel the rush better. Here’s how some of the big names in the industry reacted to the news. 

Ninja, who even got his own Fortnite skin in 2020, couldn’t believe the rumors turned out to be true and expressed his excitement for the launch. 

Twitch icon SypherPK has another demand. He wants Renegade Raider, the rare skin that was available in season 1 to players on reaching level 20.

CouRage has a party started! Well, why not? It was about time and now it’s ‘HAPPENING’. 

A FaZe Clan creator has a query for the developers as he tries to decode the encoded caption for hints about the new chapter. 


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A former world champion and Fortnite pro is all invested and will be looking forward to the big launch on November 3. 


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What’s your reaction to the official confirmation? Ready for a nostalgic trip? 

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