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Fortnite Fan Amazes Uncharted Director Neil Druckmann With an Engrossing Crossover

Published 07/11/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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Uncharted is a beloved series and has fascinated millions of players across the globe through its stunning installments. But when it comes to standout entries, nothing beats 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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There’s something about this game that always makes gamers replay it time and again. Sometimes, they even take inspiration from this iconic Naughty Dog’s PlayStation title to make their own creations in order to show their passion for Nathan Drake. A Fortnite player recently did something similar while even impressing the Uncharted director himself, the one and only Neil Druckmann.


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Fortnite Creative mode’s recreation of this legendary Uncharted 4 scene wows Neil Druckmann

Released six years ago for the PlayStation 4, the game is the fourth main entry in the iconic saga from Naughty Dog. The events of this offering take several years after the third installment. Players control the main character of Nathan Drake, who’s a former treasure hunter. He comes out of retirement by his presumably dead brother Samuel.

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The popularity of Uncharted 4 is such that even today many fans dive into its single-player campaign to get an adventurous experience with the protagonist Nate. However, there are some who try to bring this experience into other IPs as well. One such incident happened recently when a Fortnite gamer introduced an iconic Uncharted 4 action scene into the Epic Games‘ battle royale.


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Everyone knows that Fortnite has got a Creative mode that enables one to make and customize mind-blowing map areas. Many players have so far come up with interesting results inspired by multiple fictional entities like video games and movies.

But there is one player who used this Creative mode to infuse the famous bridge scene from Uncharted 4, where Nathan was seen hanging onto a bridge after jumping from his car. The entire sequence was quite extensive, to say the least.

Coming back to the crossover made by the Fortnite player then it was so amazing that it even caught the attention of the Uncharted director, Neil Druckmann himself.


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As you can see in the tweet above, Druckmann shared this stunning recreation of the adrenaline-filled scene. He even praised the creativity of the user by writing “Whoa… impressive!” while sharing the video.


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What are your thoughts on this mind-boggling crossover of the popular battle royale and the iconic PlayStation exclusive? Don’t forget to express your reactions. Let us know in the comments below.

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