Fortnite Fans Torn By Latest Rumors Of a Potential Collaboration With Destiny

Published 02/06/2022, 2:35 PM EST

It seems like two of the most popular FPS game franchises have decided to come up with an exciting collaboration! Epic Games might have been teasing a possible collaboration with Bungie’s Destiny for their Battle Royale, Fortnite.

Epic has teamed up with several entities over the course of years and this amazing new possible collaboration has excited the community. Here is the tweet that shows responses to a survey conducted by Epic Games. However, fans do not seem to be in line with this new collaboration as they have reacted to it on Twitter. This indicates the community is divided in whether they want the collab or not.


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Some fans not interested in Fortnite collab with Destiny

As seen from the above tweet, it seems like Destiny characters such as Mara Sov, Drifter, and Hive are some of the popular characters demanded by the Fortnite community. This new collaboration might bring in some new possibilities for the Battle Royale game. However, some fans do not seem to like this new possibility and have reacted accordingly on Twitter. But not all reactions are negative.

Here is one fan expressing their disappointment on this news.

This fan things there is no way such collaboration should actually take place.


This fan thinks that failsafe would be a difficult skin to pull off for Fortnite.

This fan seems excited about the possible collab. They also seem to be in denial.

Here is one fan who has posted a GIF questioning Epic’s audacity!

One fan really does not want this collaboration to take place at all.



Here is a fan who mocks the trend of collaborations by Fortnite.

However, some fans think that this new collaboration would be an amazing deal for Fortnite.

This fan also thinks that they would definitely try out Fortnite if they bring back drifter in the game.


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While fans seem to be not on the same page, a possible Destiny collaboration would definitely be an interesting idea for the game.


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What do you think about this collaboration? Let us know in the comments.

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