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Fortnite: How To Make Your Own Drone

Fortnite: How To Make Your Own Drone

Players have always been up and running around Fortnite, looking for ways to pound on enemies. Everyone wonders if there is some way to get that new deal. Player and streamer, SypherPK, has just uploaded a Youtube video where he explains a trick to build a drone.

A drone flying around Fortnite is a rare sight, but now it seems that it can be done. More than that, the entire process appears hassle-free, and SypherPK has made it even simpler with his clear-cut explanation.

How to create a drone on Fortnite

You can now finally create your personal drone with just a mine and a C4. The only issue is that the drone cannot be maneuvered. It moves according to its own wish, and you have no control over it whatsoever.

There is a good chance it could get stuck on a wall or face trouble when there are objects in the way. It’s still a good weapon if the situation demands it. Players can use it as a grapple to move to a different position quickly or if you’re under enemy attack.

To create a drone, you start off by placing a mine at the center of the wall. You then place a C4 on the top. Break the wall, and you have your own personal drone.

Fortnite devs might not have considered this trick into their forum. They might have left a tiny glitch in their script for this to happen. SpykherPK mentions that he noticed the method from BCC Trolling. He, however, has no idea about the original creator of the trick.

Well, even if it was left unconsciously, it could actually prove to be quite a useful trick. Summoning a drone could confuse the enemies, and you could use the time to make the kill.

Spyher wanted to use the drone as flying dynamite, but throughout the length of his video, he was unable to pull it off. It remains to be seen if that could actually be possible. Patience is always the key to perfecting a trick. You could be one step away in making that perfect kill in-game.

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