Fortnite: Insane Theories About Season 5 and the Secret Live Event

Published 02/06/2021, 1:04 PM EST

Fortnite has been going on a collaboration spree throughout season 5. So far, the story feels ambiguous at best, with so many multi-verses coming together. The game has seen Star Wars characters running around, Kratos unleashed mayhem, and now Sarah Connor and the Terminator have also landed on the island. These things are all tied to the Agent Jon Jonesy mission, and the Imagined Order.


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What do these things mean? That is uncertain, and the gamers are merely left with theories that are so good that they seem true. Here is a list of top theories that could come true soon.


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Theories that explain Fortnite Season 5

The entire storyline of Season 5 has been less than straightforward, as the island continues to see new visitors. Agent Jonesy is still out on a mission to kidnap every legendary hunter and bring them to the island. In the Season 5 trailer, some mysterious voice asked Jonesy to stop the inhabitants from escaping, after which he jumped into the zero point.

The game never really explained what happened next, or who gave the order. Things are just happening, as hunters from various realities make their way on the island. Here is an interesting set of theories that is trying to explain the ambiguous events of the Season 5.

The female Midas is the original one

In Season 5, gamers saw Jonesy speak to a mysterious woman who sent him on the mission. It is being said that she is the leader of Imagined Order, which makes her an important figure. This is where things get rather interesting, as the game recently introduced a loading screen that showcases a female Midas.

She could be a snapshot of our Midas, or she might be the original Midas, which would make the male version just another copy. This would explain everything that happened on the island, as Midas came out of nowhere and he was by far the most knowledgeable character outside of the chosen seven. He knew about the loop, the zero point, and he also created an agency of his own, to take over the island and harness the power of the storm in itself.

So players can expect the female version of Midas to arrive into the game. How will it affect the story line?

Agent Jonesy’s tie and Fortnite island is a paradox

This theory kicked into its final gear with the release of Terminator bundle and its trailer. Agent Jonesy jumped into the multiverse once again to bring back the legendary hunter in the Terminator and Sarah Connor. In that video, he was wearing a tie on his right arm that seemed out of place, as Agent Jonesy usually fashions a suit and he takes care of himself.

This mission has progressive made him look worse, as he makes each jump to kidnap a legendary hunter. Now this is where it get’s a little crazy. In the Season 1 island, Agent Jonesy wore the same exact tie around his arm with a costume that seemed identical to a torn up suit. This could either be a nod back to the original model or it could have a much deeper meaning.

The recent trailer saw Agent Jonesy embrace the look as he tore the suit off himself. If this theory is true and this character arc ends up bringing him back to the Season 1 model, then the theory would be confirmed.

So far, chapter 2 has mimicked everything that happened in chapter and the game is progressively working on returning to its original Season 1 version. The island is stuck inside of it, doomed to repeat itself because it is all a paradox.

Live event theory of Season 5

The NPC units, added with the Season 5, give us snippets and information regarding the main storyline. Bunker Jonesy has been the most interesting addition out of all the characters because of his dialogs. He swears that the entire island is in a loop, and the inhabitants are merely stuck inside of it.

He also suggests that everything on the island like the vans, elevator and so on are linked. This serves as a hint regarding reboot vans that could prove to be useful for players to escape. It is quite possible that the rumored event could revolve around zero point and the two Jonesy trying to stop each other. So far, Bunker Jonesy has made it clear as day, that he is trying to escape the island and it will directly violate Agent Jonesy’s mission.

video source: Top5Gaming


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The remaining hunters of Fortnite

YouTube Channel Top5gaming received an interesting package from Epic Games. It contained props of various hunters that are already a part of the game, while some made little to no sense at all. Although three particular items seemed out of place, as they shared no connection with existing hunters in the game.

It included hand wraps, Antfarm, Golden scratcher, tokens and Bananas. These items may share a connection with characters like Geralt of Rivia with tokens, Banana with Winston from Overwatch, Handwrap with Laracroft, and Ant farm should hint at Antman. The last golden item has to be a hint for female Midas.


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