Fortnite Pro Beaten Up by a Gang

September 16, 2020 11:53 pm

Fortnite pro player and streamer Huynh Duong Huynh, better known as Kinstaar, in a surprising turn of events, was beaten up by a gang. Kinstaar comes from Fribourg in Switzerland and is one of the topmost earners in Fortnite with earnings over $13 Million. He currently works for Solary as a streamer.

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Fortnite pro Kinstaar received thousand of messages for support

Kinstaar recently tweeted about the incident. A group of 7 people which the police identified as a gang provoked him. They knocked him down with a bottle and chained him.

However, the Fortnite pro confirmed that the gang had no personal grudges against him. Hence, any motives behind the attack remain unclear at the moment.

Also, he thanked and apologized to his brother Lubin, who tried to help him. The gang hit him twice on the head with the bottle. The Fortnite pro expressed his anger towards the incident and wants 2020 to end quickly.

He got out of the hospital after nine hours of waiting, with eight stitches outside and inside of the lip and two large bruises on his head. Kinstaar also had several bruises all over his body.

However, he thanked all the people who messaged him during his tough time. He was deeply grieved by the incident.


Not the first event of mistreatment of eSports athletes

Another French streamer and player JL Bichouu was also subjected to a similar act of violence. The French streamer was beaten up by a group of 6 people.

Earlier this year, Turner Tenney, better known by his online alias Tfue, was robbed by 3 people. Tfue is an American eSports player and streamer. He is popular for playing Fortnite.

Tfue explained the incident where he tried to fight off 3 people who were trying to steal his watch, which was worth over $70 thousand. They also stole his phone. However, he did not face severe physical damage, unlike Kinstaar and JL Bichouu.

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