Fortnite Skins That the Community Loves the Most

Published 08/16/2021, 11:21 AM EDT

Skins are one of the most desired cosmetics in Fortnite. While they do not provide any competitive advantage to the user, it is a great way to customize your character and separate yourself from the crowd. Over the years, Epic Games has released a ton of original skins alongside collaborations with major companies.


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In his latest video, YouTuber Top5Gaming attempted to identify the most beloved skins in the Fortnite community. Thus, he put out a poll with skins for players to vote. Here are some of the fan-favorite skins that made the cut.



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Midas is the tier 100 skin from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and has been central to most of the happenings this chapter. The evil boss was responsible for the entire device event in Season 2 and even has multiple character styles to choose from. Furthermore, he also changes the color of any weapon he touches to gold.


This cute banana skin has captured the heart of every Fortnite player. Peely is a meme skin that first appeared in Season 8. Since then, he has become a mainstay in Fortnite’s universe making an appearance in most season trailers. The skin was so well received by the community that Epic went on to release different variants for Peely.

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Drift is definitely one of the coolest looking skins in Fortnite. The cat mask merged with the pink electric currents is now an iconic combination in Fortnite. There is also a lot of lure connected to Drift and how he got his powers adding to the mystery behind the character.


Fishstick is a perfect representation of how adorable and dorky Fortnite can be sometimes. The skin was first released in Season 7 and is part of the Fish Food Set. He played a major role in Chapter 2 Season 4 when the map was overrun by a tidal wave. Since then, Epic has introduced five different styles for the skins.


One of the rarer skins on this list, Ikonik was a part of a promotion for Samsung’s S10 line of phones. The character is also a tribute to the K-pop group i-KON and even showcased an emote based on one of their songs. Thus, although this skin is quite rare, it is beloved by the Fortnite community.


Calamity was introduced to Fortnite back in Season 6 of the game. At the time, Calamity was the tier 100 skin for the season and the talk of the town. Due to the various styles and customization options, players could put their own spin on this skin.


The ‘merc without a mouth’ is one of the first Marvel skins to make its way into Fortnite. This secret skin from Chapter 2 Season 2 played a similar role in the battle royale as he does in the movies. Constantly breaking the fourth wall and lightening the mood, Deadpool will always be loved by the community.

Bright Bomber

For a long time, Bright Bomber was the face of Fortnite. You will have seen her rainbow colored outfit appear in many trailers and posters for the game. Her pickaxe is so iconic that it even made an appearance in the newly released movie ‘Free Guy’.

Travis Scott

When this hip-hop icon made his way into Fortnite, it is fair to say that fans lost their minds. Travis Scott appeared in Fortnite to host a live in-game concert ‘Astronomical’ following which he was available for purchase as a skin.


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Possibly the first character that you will come across when you load up Fortnite, Jonesy has remained a mainstay in the game. Over the years, Epic has released multiple variants of the character based on his role in the game. Some of these include Bunker Jonesy, Agent Jones and Buccaneer Jonesy.

Epic Games is always on the hunt for new concepts to design skins around. These are just some of the skins beloved by Fortnite fans. Which are some of your favorite skins in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.


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