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Fortnite X Attack on Titan: How To Unlock Eren Jaeger in the Latest Update of Chapter 4

Published 04/12/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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F0rtnite is currently going through its anime phase. That is, yet another anime has found its way into the metaverse. The Attack on Titans x Fortnite collaboration is in full swing and the game is releasing related content with each small update.

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Now, as the game reached its mid-season, the much-anticipated avatar ‘Eren Jaeger’ is finally unlocked in the game. Here is a detailed guide to the metaverse players on how to get the protagonist of the popular anime in Fortnite.

AOT x Fortnite: Step-by-step guide to unlocking Eren Jaeger


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After updating the game, fans would have noticed many new unlocked missions. Among these, there are eight exclusive quests that pave the path toward unlocking Eren Jaegar in the game.

  • The first quest that players need to complete is to visit five locations spread out over the map. Players need to visit five guard towers. This is a very easy task to do. After completing these players can unlock the emote ‘Scout Regiment Salute’. This is a unique emote that can be seen in the anime.
  • With this new update, players will also be able to use the ODM gear. The ‘Omni-Directional Mobility’ gear is a unique tool that is used to fight against Titans in the anime. In Fortnite, players need to swing on trees a total of three times with the gear to unlock the second item, which is ‘A World Without Walls Loading Screen’.
  • To unlock Eren’s Faceoff Spray, players need to search for three Scout Regiment footlockers. These boxes can be found across the map, likely inside the buildings.
  • The next item that can be unlocked in the game is ‘Basement Key Back-bling’. For this, players need to find Jaeger’s family basement. To reach this place, you just need to go to Anvil Square. There is a building at the southeast corner, and there you can find the basement.
  • To unlock the Titan Strike Harvesting tool in Fortnite, players need to use the ODM gear to attack and hit the nape of the Titans.
  • The sixth on the list is the ‘Determined Eren Emoticon’. For this Fortnite players have two ways. One is to attack and hit seven opponents with the ODM gear. The other way is to hit seven opponents with the Thunder Spear, which is a weapon that is used by the Survey Corps in the anime.


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  • To unlock the Regiment Gear Trap, you need to destroy 50 structures with the Thunder Spear.
  • In the final sub-quest, players have to damage opponents for 300 points while being airborne. This unlocks the final item in the sub-quest list and players can use the Attack on Titan banner. 


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After completing all these, players will finally get their hands on the Eren Jaeger skin. Thus, these are the quests that players need to complete in the new update to get their hands on the brand-new AOT skin and other cosmetics.

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