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Fresh Nintendo Rumor Sparks Intriguing Theory on the Future of the Iconic Zelda Franchise

Published 05/27/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

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According to reports, a new rumor suggesting an upcoming ‘The Legend of Zelda’ video game has surfaced that has gotten the entire fan base extremely excited. It isn’t easy to guess Nintendo’s plans, especially when they choose to stay tight-lipped about them. However, rumors are something fans like to bank on in such situations.  

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Rumors are always intriguing, especially for fans who have been anticipating something in particular. Luckily, the Nintendo community includes a bunch of enthusiasts who love to analyze their way into the company’s plan. Fans often come across data miners revealing secrets regarding an upcoming release or new content in their favorite Switch games. 


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As you may know, The Legend of Zelda is a hugely popular action-adventure video game franchise available to play on Nintendo consoles. The latest title in the franchise, Breath of the Wild, did exceptionally well and bagged excellent reviews from gamers and critics alike. Since the release of Breath of the Wild, fans have been speculating about when the next TLoZ title will drop. 

A new Legend of Zelda rumor tweet features a picture of link in two colors

A data miner named ‘Markomaro’ recently posted a collage of pictures featuring Link, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. One of the pictures showed Link in a red outfit, while the other showed him in a blue outfit. The caption to this post stated a very interesting caption that sparked further speculations – ‘Choose wisely’. 

Markomaro’s post has forced fans into doing their math – what is Nintendo thinking? A popular creator on Youtube – SwitchForce – has also shared his opinions regarding the same. According to SwitchForce, Markomaro isn’t an official source but his speculations have been incredibly accurate over the past year. 


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What could the rumor mean?


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Analyzing Markomaro’s post, most fans – including SwitchForce – drew interesting conclusions. The most profound ideas revealed that remakes of ‘Oracle of Seasons’ and ‘Oracle of Ages’ may be upcoming. Another possible remake would be of ‘Four Swords Adventure’.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages perfectly fit with Markomaro’s post. Previously, Seasons featured Link in ‘red’ while Ages featured Link in ‘blue’. This may indicate that Nintendo is planning to package and release both versions, each featuring a slightly different story. So, it would be double-packed like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or other Pokemon title duos. 


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Ever since Nintendo postponed the sequel of the ‘Breath of the Wild’ to 2023, fans have been waiting for some fresh news regarding the iconic Zelda franchise. Although a rumor, Markomaro’s speculations have definitely spiced up TLoZ fans’ lives.  

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