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From Being Called Freak to the King of YouTube: MrBeast Reminisce His ‘Obssesive’ Old Days

Published 03/25/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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Jimmy ‘MrBeast‘ Donaldson is one of the most popular internet celebrities of the current era. But his journey to becoming the king of the video-sharing platform was filled with tons of hurdles, which even pushed Donaldson to the verge of quitting.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Of course, the competition for being the best is immense as new content creators are rising up faster than a speeding ticket! In his recent tweet, Jimmy was seen reminiscing his past and how obsessed he was to rise up the YouTube ladder.

MrBeast and the good old days


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Jimmy Donaldson began his career around a decade ago. His YouTube channel was created in 2012, with not many subscribers tuning in to watch the content. Earlier, the icon used to stream gaming content, and we can spot many Minecraft videos that he posted during his budding days.

His content was not ticking the right boxes, and the growth was stagnant. According to a recent Tweet, the star decided to call the quits on YouTube in 2015. Apparently, the current king of the streaming platform thought that YouTube is not the right place for him.


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But what followed was inspirational. Jimmy’s passion for making content on the platform overtook his hesitance.

Everyone thought I was way too obsessed with YouTube and called me a freak,” commented MrBeast after recollecting his past on Twitter. Jimmy always knew his platform had the potential to grow and create history. This is what pushed him and drove him to make more content.

And we all know how it ended. Donaldson’s success overshadowed the negative remarks he received. His rise to become one of the biggest content creators in the world was a fitting reply for the people who deemed him a freak.

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Donaldson’s journey and the growth of the MrBeast channel are nothing but inspirational. This sure has motivated countless people. Moreover, many became fans of Jimmy following his incredible story.

Fans rush in to appreciate their favorite content creator

Jimmy’s comment garnered the attention of his fans, who swarmed in to appreciate his hard work.

Some were pointing out that no matter what Jimmy does, haters will always rise. And the fans deem these people to be just jealous. Many thanked the internet sensation for being an inspirational figure in their lives.


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The fandom and popularity of the MrBeast brand would likely grow in the coming months as Jimmy has some unique content lined up for the audience.

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