From CoLLapse to S1mple: Top eSports Players Whose 2021 Runs Make Them Feared In 2022

Published 12/31/2021, 2:41 PM EST

Esports has seen many stories of raw talent and supreme skill, but not always it transcends into victories. Many superstars have walked away from the respective sport without ever winning the big one. However, certain legends like S1mple managed to finally attain supremacy, breaking the curse that entailed every global esports star.


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Players like TenZ, Guardian, Niko, Arteezy have yet to produce results that stamp them as certified world champions at the biggest stage. Winning a minor tournament is not enough when the world expects you to dominate the competition. Here’s a list of 5 global esports superstars, who took over their respective sport in 2021.


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Kicking off the list with the greatest counter strike player in the history of the esport, Oleksandr “s1mple” KostylievThe CIS legend made his debut in the tier 1 tournament with teams like Flipside Tactics and Hell Raiser. He showcased superstar performances despite suffering horrible setbacks. He was soon picked up by Team Liquid and his stint with the NA roster secured his ticket to his dream team, NAVi.

In 2021, he got the opportunity to lead the team from the front as a leader and secure the biggest achievement one can possibly hope to attain in Counter-Strike, S1mple won a major and also became MVP of the tournament.


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Edward Gaming managed to dismantle the odds at 2021’s Worlds and they did in a great fashion. With the team’s star player and mid-laner Scout put on a performance of a lifetime. The 23-year-old Korean upstart pumped the brakes of DAMWON Gaming, as the organization tried to win the back-to-back world title. He also became the MVP of the tournament, much like S1mple, as he carried his team to the finish line and champion status.



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Talk about winning a tournament when no one expected you to survive the first few matchups. The CIS region truly stood out as one of the most dominant regions in esport by securing multiple world titles across various sport. He plays an important role of a mid-laner who is responsible for setting the pace and dominating the opponents in the early stage.


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This 24-year-old Russian prodigy not only put on a crazy performance but he styled on multi-time world champions, OG. Winning The International in Dota 2 grants you a mammoth prize of nearly $20 million.


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Dota 2 community has never seen a perfectionist like the 19-year-old offlaer from Team Spirit in CoLLapse. Now known as the god of Mangus and arguably the best offlaner in the year, his performance at TI10 was truly the stuff of the legends. He never missed a horn toss, never missed a Skewer, and made Reverse Polarity seem like an additional but unimportant spell. OG may have failed to claim the three-peat but the world truly found their new Magnus God in CoLLapse, who also became the MVP of the tournament.

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Having a good carry can make or break any game, and no amount of support or mid-lane domination can guide you to victory. This is where Team Spirit’s ADC Yatoro attained godlike status among his peers in Dota 2. The tale of this underdog team from Russia has been cemented as the greatest run in history. Owner of the highest MMR and top 1 player in the world, the 18-year-old truly stamped his name as one the greatest players of the modern era.

Which tale of the esports world championship did you like the most? Did we leave out any top contender who staked their claim at being the best? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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