From Demon’s Souls to God of War Ragnarok: These $70 PlayStation Games Could Be on the Radar of Gamers Looking to Jailbreak Their Console

Published 10/04/2022, 10:10 AM EDT

Video games have risen to the topmost levels of popularity charts. With technology enhancement, the games have unleashed a different version of gaming. And PlayStation is one of the most popular and fan-loved gaming brands. Albeit, sometimes, the pricing factor comes in between the games and their avid fans.

Purchasing video games is an experience that is most lovable for gamers. As it facilitates them to enjoy their coveted games and become a part of the respective game’s community. But decisions like such carry serious consideration. Surprisingly, an interesting development has recently surfaced which can make the fans closer to their favorite games. But one must realize the risks of it.


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PlayStation gamers can be on the lookout for these games

Recently, the internet witnessed a riveting development getting wide attention. Apparently, it was related to PlayStation 5 getting jailbroken. To clarify, jailbreak is considered as, “Reverse-engineering closed hardware, and is often used to unlock debug menus and allow the use of unauthorized software.”

Thus, this facilitates players to play their favorite games on the console for free. Although, it carries serious risks and one can possibly face serious consequences like a permanent ban from the platform. More so, as reported by the organization IGN, the latest technique of jailbreak doesn’t facilitate the execution of the launch of games. But it is suspected by the internet that hackers would try to penetrate ahead.

However, only time can unveil what the foreseeable future will look like. Chiefly, Sony had announced with the release of the PlayStation 5 console that games might touch the $70 mark. Subsequently, this can lead players to try their luck playing the games on the jailbroken console. Thus, here are five $70 games that could be under the radar of the fans:

NBA 2K23

Arrived on September 8, 2022, this game is one of many loved games in the industry. Especially amongst basketball fans. For it brings the high-paced game closer to people through the medium of video gaming platforms.

With realistic movement techniques and a perfect projection of the aura of the basketball court, the NBA 2K series has amazed the fans. And this new release has stoked the fans like never before. Thus, gamers could possibly try to get their hands on the video game by dodging its hefty price tag.

Demon’s Souls

Set in a gothic fantasy utopian world, this game has stirred the interests of gamers. Released in November 2020, the is fondly remembered by fans. More so, the role-playing action video games provide an engrossing storyline to keep gamers glued to their seats. And could come under the radar of gamers with a jailbroken console.

Also, this game is amongst the ones that were launched alongside PlayStation 5. Also, it was amongst the first ones to display a $70 price tag. However, at the time of writing the PlayStation website displays its price to be $34.99, which will go on till 10/13/2022 12:29 GMT+5:30.

Hogwarts Legacy

Showcasing the world of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts Legacy has been on the list of many much-anticipated gamers. Ready to arrive on February 10, 2023, the game gained popularity before its launch.

Inspired by the Harry Potter world, the game projects a likable magical atmosphere. Filled with abundant spells, potions, quests, and magical creatures, the blissful lands of the game have enticed the community. Especially the fans of the movie series. This role-playing action fantasy game costs around $69.99 on PlayStation’s website.

God of War Ragnarok

Unleashing the nine realms on November 9, 2022, the action-adventure video game’s arrival is serving the excitement of a huge fan base. Moreover, the game comes as a sequel to its 2018 title.

Gamers are readying themselves to step into the utopian world. For there is a long way ahead of Kratos and Atreus. With immersive action and unnerving villains, the game gets celebrated around the whole wide world. But will its $69.99 price tag interest the jailbroken console owners?



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Freshly arrived FIFA 23 could be another title being watched by avid gamers. For it encloses the dynamic soccer world. The game facilitates gamers to guide their favorite players or teams toward glory. And hype the in-game spectators in the process of doing so.

Moreover, it facilitates the players to create their own team in career mode. It allows them to manage the transfers, individual player skills, strategical set pieces, and much more. Thus, its PlayStation 5 Standard Edition costs around $69.99.


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Which games from the above list have you played or are planning to play? Do share with us in the comments below.

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