In the last few years, the gaming industry has experienced a significant boom. Although there are exceptions, most of the new games have impressed fans with their incredible gameplay and well-built storylines. However, this has not stopped some established titles from continuing to stand out. Among these are some fan-favorite AAA titles.

In the video gaming community, AAA games are the titles that are developed and distributed by large developer studios. These games tend to have very high budgets. They focus on immersive gameplay and captivating stories to give players an all-around experience. Here are 10 AAA titles that will be very hard to clone.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


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The Square Enix title managed to take its franchise to even greater heights with Final Fantasy 7. While the remake had some improvements, the original game was brilliant as it was. It reimagined one of the best RPGs of all time and did so in a truly unique way.

Modern third-person gameplay was merged with the game’s original turn-based combat system. This resulted in fans getting fresh gameplay that appealed not only to newcomers but also sat well with long-time followers of the franchise.

God of War

The God of War reboot was nothing short of a marvel. With this, the iconic franchise started taking new directions that resonated deeply with the community. Santa Monica Studios completely broke away from previous God of War narratives that used to focus on a revenge-driven story.

Instead, players witnessed a character-driven narrative developed around the growth and relationship of Kratos and Atreus. The devs’ decision to give emotional depth to Kratos, the rage-fueled god killer, was incredibly well-received by the fans. New camera angles also made the game feel entirely different.

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal retained all of its demon-slayer elements from the original game and yet managed to add more complexity and depth to the gameplay. The high-octane gameplay felt more like a symphony of sickness. Players had to manage their health and ammo, while also taking care of their armor as they made use of the intense new gameplay mechanics.

Flame Belch, Blood Punch, and Glory Kills all added to the charm of the game. DOOM Eternal’s gameplay was a major shift from every previous FPS title. The unapologetic intensity of DOOM Eternal makes it a true gem in the AAA realm.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World was Capcom’s attempt to bring its long-standing franchise to a wider audience. Playing as hunters who have to battle massive monsters made this game an action-packed thriller. The deliberate and technical gameplay, compared to most other action games, made timing, strategy, and positioning essential aspects of the game.

The devs also broke away from traditional RPG norms by opting for a leveling-up mechanism where players have to improve through crafting and preparation. Exploration and discovery also play a major role in the vast open-world setting of the game that’s filled with various monsters and ecosystems. Action, exploration, and a unique multiplayer mode make Monster Hunter: World a great AAA title that’s still fresh.

Elden Ring

FromSoftware teamed up with George R.R. Martin for Elden Ring. Hence, the excitement around the game is understandable. Intricate-level design and challenges made this open-world action-adventure title an immersive experience. Providing the opportunity to explore an expansive world while maintaining the signature difficulty of the franchise, mixed with the immersive storytelling, made Elden Ring a great AAA title.

Kingdom Hearts III

A complex narrative that blended original characters with Disney ones. Kingdom Hearts titles have always been exceptional in terms of game design. Kingdom Hearts III retained this essence of the franchise while telling a story that overarched multiple Disney worlds. The combat style of this game feels like a mix of action RPG elements set in a Disney background.

Beating up baddies while playing as Goofy or Donald Duck just has this charm about it that players still love to experience. Emotional moments, an intricate storyline, and a sort of whimsical gameplay make Kingdom Hearts a sort of enigma when it comes to AAA games.


Remedy Entertainment resorted to a physics-based combat style that makes Control a mind-bending game. Taking place in the mysterious place called Oldest House, you get to learn about the Federal Bureau of Control, an organization that keeps track of and contains supernatural threats.

Playing Control, players experience eerie events in an otherworldly environment full of strange objects and paranormal powers. Players have to use telekinesis to solve environmental puzzles and battle enemies as they progress through the game.


Deathloop is a time-based simulation game that has immersive gameplay thanks to its open-world exploration scopes. Play as Colt, a man trapped on Blackreef Island, to kill Visionaries so you can escape from the time loop. Deathloop has a complex puzzle-like structure. This makes it important to plan your moves and also get to know the island in depth.

The game’s unique multiplayer feature also allows you to invade other’s games and adds to the unpredictability and excitement of Deathloop. An intriguing narrative and innovative gameplay makes Deathloop stand out as a peerless AAA title.


Sea of Thieves

A multiplayer pirate adventure game by Rare, this makes you play in a persistent open-world setting. Team up with others to make your crew and chart the seas to find hidden treasures. Explore mysterious islands and engage in naval battles as you try to stomp over enemies.

The sandbox-style gameplay also allows for massive scope in terms of cooperation and creativity. Regular updates and expansions made Sea of Thieves a consistent game that players can always fall back to.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus. Death Stranding defied storytelling norms and showed off genre-defining characteristics. Playing as a courier, you have to make sure the last survivors of the human race are connected to each other, delivering packages over a desolate landscape that is almost haunting.


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The game challenged the understanding of traditional gameplay. The concept of “strand” gameplay, encouraging player collaboration through asynchronous multiplayer, added a unique social aspect to the experience. Death Stranding manages to blur the lines between video games and active storytelling.

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