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From Elden Ring to God of War: here are the top 5 games you should buy during Steam Winter Sale 2022

Published 12/23/2022, 7:30 AM EST

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Steam Winter Sale is on the way currently. There are many games on sale for attractive prices. Different genres and different franchises can be chosen. We understand that these sales can end up being a nuisance for some gamers. People just buy games and leave them in their library adding to their backlog.

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So, we have a list of some essential games that gamers can choose from during this sale. Just so you don’t just buy everything that you see.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Steam Edition


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The latest in a series of post-Apocalyptic shooters, this game adds an open-world experience to the series that was traditionally linear. It offers great shooting mechanics, good enough gun crafting, and a bunch of really immersive levels that leave you in awe of this game.

The game received an upgrade called Enhanced Edition which brought stuff like ray tracing and other visual upgrades to it.

The game is available for $30 for any shooter fans to enjoy!


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Hades on Steam

One of the Supergiant games’ most successful rogue-lite games. It is not even very surprising, every game they work on is excellent in its own way. But Hades can be called their biggest success. The isometric action game was so successful that it is their first game to get a sequel.

The sequel was just announced, so we suggest you get started with the first one, which is available for a price of $12.5 on Steam

God of War

People waited for this series to make an official PC debut for years. The game finally came to PC a while ago and it’s nothing short of brilliant. A game that looks good, plays flawlessly in 4k, and has a story that can be described as pretty good!

God of War has got a sequel and a very successful sequel indeed. And there’s no doubt it would be coming to PC too. So why not prepare for the sequel by playing the first one? It is available on steam for $30.

The Witcher 3 Complete Edition

A game so popular that we might not even have to say anything about it. You have heard of it for years. And if you want to know what all the fuss is about, $10 is not a big price to pay for a version of this game that includes all the DLCs.

The Witcher 3  also comes with the latest next-gen upgrade that brings Ray Tracing and many new graphical upgrades to it.


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Elden Ring

An Open world takes on From Software’s souls-borne formula. It was popular enough to win a Game of The Year trophy during The Game Awards. It left behind the likes of God of War Ragnarok to win this feat.

The game itself is unlike anything else on this list. Environments that tell a story, gameplay that tests you, and music that’s just perfect.


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Get this game for $42 on steam and you will not be disappointed.

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