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From IShowSpeed to LazarBeam: MrBeast Sets Forth a $2.5 Million Prize to Whoever Becomes the Last-Man-Standing Out of 11 YouTubers by Not…

Published 11/13/2022, 7:10 AM EST

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The pioneering YouTuber MrBeast has been a dynamic personality in the content creation industry. From unique ideas to pure wholesome deeds, he has created a persona of one who gives back to the community. Meanwhile, he doesn’t leave the entertainment go in vain. And once again, he has produced a video with a $2.5 million prize.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Jimmy Donaldson is better known as MrBeast in the community. The 24-year-old YouTuber is widely known for his legendary recreation of the Netflix series Squid Games. Moreover, he has the trait of preparing the content video cake into something exciting, with a great cherry on top. So, the question remains, who won a private jet in his recent challenge video?


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MrBeast prepares the contestants for a chance to get their own jet

Recently, MrBeast uploaded a video titled “Last To Take Hand Off Jet, Keeps It!” Furthermore, fellow YouTubers like IShowSpeed, LazarBeam, Vikkstar, Harry “W2S” Lewis, Chunkz, and many more were seen in the video. All in all, MrBeast gathered 11 YouTubers for this challenge.

Also, MrBeast defined a simple, which was, the one who takes their hands off the jet, gets eliminated. Thus, only the last man standing wins the challenge. And with that, the challenge commenced.


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As the challenge kick-started, YouTubers started taking their positions as per their comfort. Also, the contestants were meticulous in their movement as no pushing was allowed. To grasp some views from LazarBeam, Karl asked him, “What’s your strategy for winning this thing?” To this, LazarBeam replied, “I have a lot of perseverance in my spirit but Speed…Speed is making it difficult.” Because IShowSpeed was doing his signature screaming to catch contestants off-guard.

Unfortunately, Vikkstar raised his hand while simply talking to Jimmy, hence getting eliminated. Furthermore, Chunkz lifted his hand by having a deal with MrBeast to use his debit card with a limit of $10,000. Surprisingly, due to the reflex of high-giving Chunkz, IShowSpeed raised his hand. Consequently, getting eliminated.

There was going to be a jet and this one shall take a trip to the warehouse

With three people getting eliminated, MrBeast amped up the challenge. Surprisingly, MrBeast and Karl started towing forward the jet from the airstrip to the warehouse. With an “army” of people watching the YouTubers, no ‘raise of hand’ was to go unnoticed. And by steep turns and twists, YouTubers entered the jet. However, for the jet to fly, MrBeast had to take a seat out of the eight. Thus, hinting at another elimination.

To further amp up the level, YouTubers had to make laps around the jet. Furthermore, Willne lifted his hand after making an on-the-stop deal of $20,000 with whoever wins the challenge. With almost nine hours in and the jet in the air taking laps, only five YouTubers landed while touching the jet.

Jimmy amps up the challenge to filter out the fittest of all

Surprisingly, the contestants got their spare hands taped together. Moreover, everyone defined who would they give their jet to if they win. With almost 14 hours in, MrBeast taped a red line below their hands. Hence, whoever moved their hand below the red tape lost the challenge. Due to the fate of a coin toss, Callux took his hand off.

With less than a handful of contestants left, MrBeast allowed them to only keep a finger touched on the jet. With another toss of a coin, LazarBeam removed his finger from the jet. As the challenge moved onwards, MrBeast’s team caught Niko removing his finger for just a single frame.


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Thus, the challenge ended with MrBeast sharing a suspenseful clip of a finger, losing the touch of the touch for a single frame. And as it was of George’s, Harry won the challenge. Moreover, he had declared that he will give the jet to his sister and brother.

Above all, his brother got to see the jet that very moment. Nevertheless, MrBeast declared that any carbon emitted by the jet in the video or in the future will be offset. Thus, with that, the video ended the challenge with a wholesome message just like MrBeast’s style.


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