From the Legend of Zelda to Pokemon: Here Are the Top 5 Bestselling Nintendo Games Loved by Every Generation of Gamers

Published 02/05/2023, 8:40 AM EST

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Nintendo is known for its unique games, and those games stand out thanks to their excellence. And that excellence allows those games to become chart-busters.

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Chart-busting is nothing new to Nintendo’s games. When games like God of War: Ragnarok celebrated selling 5 million copies in weeks, Nintendo’s Pokemon celebrates 10 million sales within three days of its launch. And this is just one example of Nintendo’s best-selling titles.

While there are a plethora of titles that might have earned the company a lot of money, here are the Top 5 Nintendo titles that sold an insane amount after their launch!


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Mario Kart 8 – 48.41 million copies

Mario Kart 8 launched first for Wii U and was an instant success. The game offered seasoned fans everything they expected from a Mario Kart title and much more paired with beautiful visuals. Nintendo then re-released the game for Nintendo Switch as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

And eventually, Nintendo released a yearly DLC plan for this game too, offering a bunch of new tracks to its players. And thanks to all these efforts, Mario kart 8 is the best-selling Nintendo game as of September 2022.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 40.17 million units 

Animal Crossing series is known for its laid-back and feel-good nature. Gamers worldwide were curious about this latest installment, as it introduced a bunch of new generation elements such as crafting to this series.

And then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Players found this game to be the only thing keeping them together amidst all the lockdowns and restrictions.

It makes sense that a feel-good and chill game as this was so successful.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 29.53 million units

Nintendo’s prime fighting franchise always gets a new installment with the release of a new console. Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced very early in the life cycle of Nintendo Switch. The console was a success and the game, when released, was successful too.

And as director Masahiro Sakurai mentioned at its announcement, the game was indeed the ultimate version. It had every major character that was introduced in previous installments and more characters were added every few months. A good game with enough content to last forever. That’s how this game won so many hearts.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 27.79 million copies

This is once again a cross-gen title like Mario Kart 8, it launched on the same day for Nintendo Switch as well as Wii U. The game changed open-world games forever. Fans could not get enough of this world that Eiji Aonuma and his team had created.

So detailed and layered is this world, that fans are still exploring it, even though a sequel is just months away.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield – 25.37 million copies

It’s a Pokemon game and there’s no doubt that by the end of 2023, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would cross these numbers with flying colors. As with any other Nintendo’s first-party IP, there’s no surprise that this game did so well.


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On the other hand, Pokemon’s success is not hidden from anyone either. With Pokemon games, all we have to do is sit and wait for the next game to break records made by the previous one.

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