FromSoftware, Creators of Elden Ring, Currently Developing a New PlayStation 5 Exclusive!

Published 11/05/2023, 8:06 PM EST

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FromSoftware is a very unique game developer by today’s standards. It is currently working on at least three projects at once, one of which is supposedly a PlayStation exclusive. Known for their most successful game to date, Elden Ring, this Japanese developer is no doubt one of the most sought-after game makers of our time. They have proven their ability to make excellent single-player experiences not once but numerous times.

Hence, it is excellent to know that they are yet again partnering with Sony and PlayStation for one of their latest games. A game that would probably come out as a PlayStation 5 exclusive and would no doubt be soul-like

FromSoftware’s new PlayStation exclusive might launch sometime in 2025


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A while ago, someone on Resetera casually mentioned that FromSoftware is currently working on a PlayStation 5 exclusive. It is being suggested that the project is being put in 5th gear and is being fast-forwarded thanks to the developer’s newfound success with Elden Ring. Some even suggest that thanks to Elden Ring making FromSoftware a household name, their next big game has the potential to cross the 10 million sales mark. It’s hard to say how much of a stretch that is, but it is what it is.

More Information regarding the FromSoftware PS5 Exclusive
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During their discussion regarding the upcoming Bloodborne movie that is reportedly in production at Sony, a user by the name of Guarana mentioned that Sony and FromSoftware are yet again partnering for a new game. And there is already speculation that this might just be the sequel to Bloodborne. They might just be working on it to release alongside the movie to raise sales. Just The Last of Us Part 1 was launched after the finale of season 1 of that series. For the release date, another reset era use suggests that fans might be looking at a 2025 date.


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There are a couple of things that have been confirmed: this game would have no VR implementation of any sort. And second, is that there’s much that From is doing at once. They are making at least two games currently and a massive DLC Shadow of the Erdtree that is said to be as big as Elden Ring.


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This means there would be a time when fans would see constant FromSoftware releases. It looks like a reason for a celebration fast approaching.

What about FromSoftware’s current project Spellbound, though?

Spellbound is another game that FromSoftware is working on. What’s very interesting is that there have been many rumors and leaks about it, but none of them have confirmed it being exclusive in any way. On the other hand, no one has even confirmed the fact that this game will have a multiplatform title.


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So there’s a possibility that Spellbound might end up being that exclusive game. No matter what that game is, fans are still holding out hopes for a Bloodborne remake. Sony can easily announce it alongside the movie; it would no doubt be a ground-breaking hit.

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