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Froste and Other Top Stars Dub Twitch Streamers “Weird as F**k” as Aggressive Andrew Tate Saga Unravels

Published 07/23/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

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Two famous streamers again dipped into the sea of controversies. The political Twitch star Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker got into a feud with ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate during a live stream.

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HasanAbi is a Turkish American streamer famous for speaking about politics and social perspectives and sometimes playing video games on Twitch. Recently, Hasan joined a live stream session with Andrew Tate, Bucke, and Clix.


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During the stream, HasanAbi asked Andrew Tate about his views on if women are better drivers than men. The ex-kickboxer rejected Hassan’s idea because of his personal experiences. Hasan respected his experience but claimed they clouded his judgment over statistical data, which differs from Tate’s ideology.

Later, the debate moved to Hasan asking Tate if he thinks the earth is flat or spherical. The 35-year-old responded that the earth is a sphere cause he had seen it when he went to the moon. Finally, the political Twitch streamer confronted Tate about his business, Hustler University, which Hasan believes is working on a pyramid structure. However, the ex-kickboxer ignored the question and asked Hasan to leave cause he wasn’t fun.

Twitter reacts to the HasanAbi vs. Andrew Tate

Whenever a controversy happens online, it’s improbable that the world won’t notice it. Fans and other streamers took notice of the feud between Andrew Tate and HasanAbi. The internet is divided into two sides over this controversial feud.

There is one side who is on the side of Andrew Tate. But there are also many fans and Twitch stars who sided with HasanAbi. Many claimed Tate’s ideology influences the young audience and spoils their ideologies. Let’s look at some tweets from famous online personalities.


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Andrew Tate’s feud with xQc


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The former kickboxer didn’t only fight Hasanabi recently. A few days ago, Andrew Tate also got into a debate with the famous Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel. The latter also pointed out Tate’s sexist comments and ideologies.

Tate has been in controversies many times because of his opinions. Further, Twitch has even banned him in the past for these reasons. So, the 35-year-old decided to defend his ideologies. And this led to a massive debate between the two internet personalities.


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What do you think about Andrew Tate’s ideologies? Whom are you supporting in this feud, Tate or HasanAbi?

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