Conquer Elden Ring with These Top 10 Ultimate Weapons of Mass Destruction

Published 04/02/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Elden Ring is one of the most successful games of this generation, and pretty much a game that FromSoftware’s Souls series has been building up to. An open-world Soulslike title, with everything more than any other game they have ever worked on.

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A larger area to explore, more bosses to fight, things to craft, and weapons to collect. All of this puts a player under pressure in a way that few games do, making it a pleasure to prepare more before each combat encounter.

To help you with it, here is a list of the top 10 weapons that can make your journey through this world easier!


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Giant Crusher

A colossal weapon that requires great strength to wield. Not everyone can just decide to equip it and go boss hunting, as this weapon can become both a curse and a blessing depending on who owns it.

Following the game’s most recent patch, the attribute scaling of this weapon has increased profoundly. This means that players with a Strength build would be an unstoppable force when they wielded a Giant Crusher. In PVP, this game can come in handy if players go for a high poise build as it can destroy your opponents in very few hits, and in PVE, just switch that poise for anything else and you are good to go.


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Wing of Astel

From a colossal hammer to a curved sword, weapons in Elden Ring show a drastic jump but understand: it’s a weapon with a very high DPS. This happened when the latest patch was released and its scaling was drastically improved. If your target allows it, all you have to do is spam that ash of war, and you are done. Recently, the game got patched with improved attack speed, running attack, and recovery time, making it a full package.

And the other good thing about this weapon is its heavy attack that’s ranged, which allows players to do very high damage, and that too without spending any FP. This heavy attack uses one’s stamina. If you are going for an Intelligence and Dexterity build, this one is a must-have!

Bloodhound Fang

Another weapon that can greatly benefit players in defeating the tediously strong bosses in Elden Ring, the Bloodhound Fang is a boon. With increased speed, recovery time, and even range, this weapon has everything a player might need to beat the game. This weapon by default had some really good damage and bleed effects and a very powerful ash of war, making it one of the most powerful early-game weapons. Some people even took it with them to the end.

This weapon is in the early game which means it even scales with two things pretty much every player starts leveling up with at first: strength and dexterity.


This katana-type weapon in Elden Ring probably has the best range in its category. Nagakiba works so well because it works for pretty much every kind of build. No matter what kind of build a player is going for, it would work for them. Being a katana-type weapon, it is fast by nature and has an incredible range. The weapon also gives players some support from the bleed effect.

And this is all thanks to its strength and dexterity scaling abilities. And after the recent update, this has even become more powerful if players decide to infuse it with some ashes of war.


The latest update to the game has changed a lot of opinions about this weapon. It’s yet another Katana, so the speed is no bound here, and this combined with a bunch of other things has made it one of the best PVP weapons in Elden Ring. Some players with good enough stats can one-shot their opponents using this Katana. After the recent buff, it is expected to be seen in the hands of many PVE and PVP players.

Thanks to its high magic damage, this weapon also scales with intelligence strength and dexterity. Go with an Intelligence build, and you would be an unstoppable force.

Scavenger’s Curved Sword

In nature, it’s very similar to just another curved sword out there. It comes in handy with a wide range of builds and can play nicely with a wide range of styles of war. This means this Sharktooth-curved sword can be a jack of all trades if one knows how to wield it. It has received the same buff as any other curved sword, so the only limit is your imagination.

It scales decently with strength and dexterity. So just focus on these two, upgrade it a little bit, and go carve yourself a path with it!


Yes, Greatsword. Get any one of these and boost the godliness of your Strength build with these swords carved out of giant pieces of metal. Take them in any direction, dual-wield if you are powerful enough, double-hand them, and they will serve. As long as your build permits. Insane poise damage, wide AOE, long-range, and staggering power give players much advantage without any complications.

Most of the greatswords are heavy on strength builds; just focus on leveling up your strength and pick one that suits you the best.

Dark Moon Greatsword

What makes this one stand out from others in this category? Magic is a Greatsword that fires magic projectiles. And now those projectiles have a larger range and do more damage. Plus, this sword now has a better recovery time that allows for magic projectile combos!

A combination of dexterity, strength, and intelligence would make you an unstoppable force when you PVP using this greatsword.


A dagger-type weapon being second on this kind of list is something else, but with its fast attacks, high critical damage, and bleed effect, everything plays in its favor. And then it got a better range for its ranged attack, and its durability increased significantly. One of those weapons that build up bleed faster than anything else in this game; if you are well equipped enough to play to this weapon’s strengths, you can make quick work of your enemies with this one.

The only thing is, this weapon scales with arcane and dexterity, so you have to start preparing for it way before you can even get your hands on one.


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Blasphemous Blade

Fire, lifestyle, and great contact physical damage make this weapon a decent weapon in every way. It has a somewhat overpowered aura of war, and thanks to its scalability, this weapon works with many different kinds of builds too. And the latest patches bring a better range, faster recovery time, and some small power buffs too.


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Equivalently scaling to faith dexterity and strength builds, it can be your go-to weapon for any fight; just spam that ranged attack and finish off your opponents.

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