Genshin Impact 3.4 Update: 4 ‘Unique and Major’ Features Coming in the Next Patch

Published 01/09/2023, 1:15 PM EST

Genshin Impact is bringing some major updates this January for the players. The much-anticipated version 3.4 updates will bring tons of excitement to the fans. The Travelers of Teyvat are always keenly looking forward to these updates as they bring a lot of new features and most importantly expect many Primogems in the game.

So, here is a rundown of the major things that the new updates are bringing into the world of Genshin.


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Genshin Impact: 4 major things to expect

So, yet another Genshin Impact patch is here. This time it is a major one and here are the four important features that will be brought to Teyvat in this update.

4) Sandy Desert of Sumeru

Sumeru was introduced to the players a while back and this new region got many positive feedbacks. But, there were a lot of areas that were not yet unlocked in the game. Especially the desert region. So, HoYoverse is opening up these spaces for Travelers to explore. These new areas will be ravaged by sandstorms so be careful while exploring.

Moreover, there will be many hidden ruins within these areas for you to explore. Setekh Wenut will be the new boss that will be present in this addition. The creature will have the ability to go under the sand during your fights. Additionally, Wenut holds a unique Anemo power to fly at its will. This Hybrid creature will give items needed for ascending Alhaitham, the upcoming 5-star hero.

3) Return of Lantern Rite

Every year, one of the most anticipated events in the game is Lantern Rite. Genshin brings this event to commemorate the Chinese New Year. This time around also the event will be back with lots of fun activities to play.

Furthermore, Travelers will also be able to invite one of the four-star Liyue characters into their team at the end of the event. The brand new addition Yaoyao will also be featured this time in the Liyue character list. Free intertwined Fates will also be given away during the Lantern Rite.

2) Character Banners

So this time around, the wish banners are packed with some of the most favored characters in the game. The first part of the update will feature Alhaitham, the new Dendro sword wielder. He will be accompanied by Xiao who is getting his third rerun. Yaoyao, the four-star Dendro polearm user will also be available during this time.


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The second part of the update will have two reruns. Hu Tao, the sinister yet funny Pyro character from Liyue will finally get her much-anticipated rerun. She will be accompanied by Yelan, the Hydro Bow user.

1) Genius Invokation TCG

This was the brand new permanent trade card game HoYoverse brought into the world of Genshin Impact. Now, they are trying to stir the system up by introducing new modes and rules into the TCG game. This may be aimed at shaking the current meta in the card game.


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These are the four main components that the new Genshin 3.4 update is bringing for the players. Which update are you most excited about? Do mention them in the comments below.

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