Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event Guide: How to Unlock Every Single Ending

Published 03/23/2021, 8:30 AM EDT

The new dialog event added into Genshin Impact has not sat well with the community. The hangout events were supposed to serve as a fun yet lore-intensive feature that would add to the experience. On the contrary, it has just become a huge hindrance as gamers find accessing each ending a bit tricky and the event seemed boring. Not to forget the repetitive nature of the event which has made it even more unenjoyable.


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If you are also skimming through the dialogs and looking for the right direction to unlock each ending, then you have come to the right place. This elaborate guide will tell lays out exactly what options you must choose in order to reach all 5 endings.


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YouTuber figures out all 5 endings of Barbara event in Genshin Impact

According to YouTuber X10UI10 if you choose these specific options listed below, you will unlock each ending.

The conversation with Barbara will take you to the woods located near the weekly wolf boss area. If you continue the conversation, you will reach a point where Barbara asks you to either make the intruder turn away or venture further into the forest.

This is where the hangout events ending will begin to differ if you choose to admonish the intruder. It will lead you to the first ending sequences, after which you merely have to follow the storyline.

The second option is to ask Barbara to hide deeper in the forest, which will unlock the remaining 4 endings.

To access the first ending sequences, just talk to the intruder who goes by the name Adam. Tell him, “Barbara is not here anymore”, after which you need to select the first dialog. Adam will eventually give up, triggering the first end sequence.

Various other endings with Barabara hangout events

Upon choosing the second option to venture into the forest, you stand a chance to unlock the other endings. It will take you to a point where Barabara will reveal her mission of finding herbs to heal a citizen.

Now, if you choose the option a and c, which asks a question about her family and her reasons for joining the church, it will lead you to the ending sequences to 2-5. You will, of course, have to help her find the herb in order to proceed.

Then, you must speak with sister Victoria and carry on Barabara’s duty of cleaning the church grounds. You will meet Barabara right after, which will again offer interesting choices for you.

If you choose to have her special Chillybrew drink, you will unlock ending 2,3, and 4, while the other option of having tea is strictly for end sequence 5.

In the Chillybrew drink options, Barbara will ask you whether you wish to stick together or split up. If you opt to split, then you will continue towards the 2nd or 3rd end sequence. Meanwhile, the other option of sticking together will lead you to the fourth ending sequence.


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video source: X10UI10

The remaining two remaining endings are quite easy to engineer from this point forward. Speak with Barbara until you are asked to help a merchant who is being harassed by greedy treasure hoarders. This is where you will unlock the final two remaining endings if you select ‘we are looking for sweet flowers.’

It will end the story by granting you the 3rd end sequence, while if you ask for Liyue Chilly brew the story will head towards the 2nd and final ending.


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