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Genshin Impact Guide: Best Team Composition for Hu-Tao

Published 03/20/2021, 8:24 AM EDT

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Proper team composition can even make the weaker units seem powerful in Genshin Impact. This title contains intricate elemental reactions and unique abilities which can buff your team. Being able to find the right team depends highly on your knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

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The roster has various characters who can work in unique ways because of their elaborate concept. Among those units is the latest character, Hu-Tao, who can deal damage based on her maximum HP. Although, she tends to deal more damage when her HP goes down, which makes her a bit complicated to master.


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Pair Hu-Tao with these characters to get the best out of her

Hu-Tao’s concept around HP makes her a challenging unit to use. Gamers will have to constantly keep her HP low in order to get the best out of her. Although there is a slight problem, as any mistake or a bad dodge would result in her death. This fact alone makes it important to find a balance in the surrounding team that can keep her alive on the field while providing a shield for defense.

For shield characters, there’s really no other unit that people should build aside from Zhongli or Diona. If you have Zhongli then you don’t really have to look for any other character, as his new enhanced shield is unbreakable. Hu-Tao can heal herself with her ultimate, but it never really brings her up to maximum health, which in few cases becomes important.


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This is where Bennett becomes a good pair for Hu-Tao, as he can offer heal and attack buff along with Pyro elemental resonance. This unit alone can buff her attack upwards of 3k at maximum level, which allows her to deal incredible damage numbers. Although, Xiangling with her entire kit of constellations can replace Bennett, as she can offer the useful 15% Pyro damage bonus.


Melt is the best reaction for Hu-Tao in Genshin Impact


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Now that you have found a shield user and Pyro healer, the last slot will go for the elemental reaction unit. This supporting character has to be off-the-field support, who can effectively provide Cryo application to trigger melt reaction. Melt is probably the best elemental reaction for both Pyro and Cryo units. It can amplify the damage output by 100% for both elements.

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Diona indeed fits into this team, as she can also take on the role of a healer for Hu-Tao. However, Ganyu is the superior Cryo support, as she is widely regarded as the strongest Cryo support unit and the best DPS character in the game.

If in case you are running her as a support, then pair her with Hu-tao. Ganyu can provide a 100% Cryo application. which will enable Hu-Tao to deal with mind-boggling damage with melt reaction.


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