Genshin Impact Guide: How to Build Hu-Tao Into an Unstoppable Pyro Goddess

Published 03/03/2021, 8:28 AM EST
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Genshin Impact has introduced yet another phenomenal 5-star character in Hu-Tao. She is the latest luxury Pyro polearm character who can totally break the game on its head. She is the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor located in the Liyue harbor. It is her job to take care of the last rites of the individuals who pass on to another realm. Hu-Tao’s elemental burst summons a ghostlike being that attacks her enemies, which seems to fit her trade too.


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If you have tested her, then you know what kind of power she possesses. Even with just the Staff of Homa and less optimized artifacts, she is dealing 40K damage effortlessly. Although there is more power hidden deep inside her kit, the test run is not able to highlight it. This guide will help you do just that.


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Perfect build Hu-Tao in Genshin Impact

The newest addition to the Pyro roster possesses damage scaling that is quite limitless. Basically, both her major abilities scale her maximum HP pool that will allow her to deal a mind-boggling amount of damage.

This makes her builds quite straight forward like Zhongli, where you only need to worry about the HP pool. The lower she goes on HP, the higher damage she can deal. Her passive skills and active abilities both give her a massive damage boost that is also based on the HP.

Abilities and Passive skills

If you look at her elemental skill (E), it enables her to gain a high number of attack damage based on her maximum HP. This would directly pave the way for players to limitlessly upgrade their damage output by investing in her effective HP. Her elemental burst also scales with the amount of HP Hu-Tao has.

In the test runs, she could easily dish out 100K damage at 20% HP, and over 50K with her (E), which means her potential is endless.

The first passive skill on her is a support ability, every time her Paramita Papilio state ends, which she gains with her (E). She will grant an enhanced 12% rate to her entire party, except for herself. Her second phase passive grants her a massive 33% Pyro damage boost when her HP drops below 50%.

Artifacts and Talent upgrades

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The artifacts build on her is as straightforward as her entire concept. You merely have to build her main stat as HP percentage boost and don’t need to look beyond that at all. Hu-Tao does not care about other attack stats, as her entire damage scaling is solely based on HP.

So look for HP artifacts on her sands, cup, and headpiece. Look for crit damage and crit rate sub stat and you don’t need to worry about Pyro damage. She has enough Pyro damage bonus in built-in in her kit that can grant you sufficient elemental boost.

Talent upgrades are also quite easy to figure out, as her entire damage is dependent on HP. Invest in enhancing her elemental burst and skill, and you can worry about her normal attack for the last. She deals all her damage with her abilities and not with her physical attacks, so upgrades are quite easy to figure out.

Team composition in Genshin Impact

The only thing she needs is one support character for protection, one for melt reaction, and the last one has to be Pyro for elemental resonance. Let’s talk about the support first, and the only two contenders who can protect her at lower HP are Diona and Zhongli.

The Geo archon god Zhongli offers the greatest shield in the entire game, and he can basically make the game easier, especially for Hu-Tao.


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On the flip side, Diona offers a melt reaction on top of a decently powerful shield. If you are pulling for Hu-Tao, you can easily choose between the two, as Diona was recently available in the Xiao banner. For the second Cyro support role, Ganyu and Chongyun are two characters you can pair with her.

They will offer the massive area of effect melt reaction that will significantly multiply her damage. Lastly, you can equip Xiangling as her final party member to gain the precious elemental resonance attack boost.

Let us know in the comments below just how effective this guide was in your quest to build a menacing team around Hu-Tao.


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