Genshin Impact is not a game that just revolves around the legendary characters and weapons. A common misconception of the community that states, not having either of them will make the party considerably weaker. Addressing the illusion of legendary items being the best, here is a guide from Mattjestic that says otherwise.

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Genshin Impact’s weapon guide

The Widsith

Weapons role- DPS

Weapon type- Catalyst

Weapon rating- 4 stars

Catalyst weapons are magical books that mages can use, these weapons do have their own legendary 5 stars but they are hard to get. So it becomes a bit difficult task to find something noteworthy. This is where The Widsith is so good because it is easier to get.  It is probably one of the better weapons that can be paired with your mages like Klee, Barbara, and so on.

At the basic refinement level, the weapon will increase your base attack, providing a bonus to elemental mastery and it can also cast random effects on the enemy.

At the maximum refinement level, this weapon will outperform any 5-star weapon in the game. At maximum potential, the weapon will boost your attack damage by 120% while granting you an elemental damage bonus of 96% in addition to buffing your elemental mastery by 480 points.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Weapon role- Support

Weapon type- Catalyst

Weapon Rating- 3 stars

The item is a best friend for any support mage type characters like Barbra, Diona, and so on. As it has a special interaction known as a legacy, which will allow the next character to deal additional damage of 48%.

Keep this book, don’t use it as fodder for other weapons because at the maximum refinement it will become the best support weapon there is.

There are only so many characters that you can invest in, so it becomes quintessential to have a proper weapon like this one that can be refined easily.

For an ideal choice of weaponry for your support characters, you will essentially pool all your resources on the main DPS characters like Klee, Deluc, Tartaglia, and so on.

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 Blacksmith item

Underestimating the items that the blacksmith can forge for you is a serious mistake that no player should make. There is a weapon in there that you should definitely forge.

The Crescent Pike

Weapon role- Support DPS/Main DPS

Weapon Type- Polearm

Weapon Rating- 4 Stars

After acquiring the basic Polearm by fighting bosses, this weapon will become craftable at the blacksmith. Serving as a great DPS item for Polearm users like Xiangling and future character Zhongli, this item causes every 4th attack to proc, with every proc your character will deal additional damage on top of other buffs like a critical attack.

Players can forge it from the blacksmith, which makes refining and upgrading quite elementary and convenient. This scales ridiculously with each upgrade and at max refinement, you will have one of the best weapons in this category.

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The sacrificial Set

Weapon role- Support/DPS

Weapon type-Bow/Sword/Greatsword/Catalyst

Weapon rating- 4 stars


The entire set comprises all weapon types except for a polearm. Players can get these weapons from the Gacha system of the game.

Looking at the stats of these weapons, it is easy to discredit their viability, but wait there is more to them than what meets the eye. They all share a unique passive ability that is only exclusive to them.

Their special passive ability has a 40% chance at the base level to reset the cooldown of their spells. At maximum refinement level, the proc chances to reset the cooldown scales up to 80%, making them an insane weapon to have on any character.


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Effectively it can double buff every single character’s healing or damage output.

These weapons are comparatively easier to gain and offer a unique advantage that no 5-star weapon can ever deliver. If you happen to get your hands on any of them, make sure you pair it up with the right character. Do not lose them or use them as fodder for something absurd. Use your resources wisely, and justly.


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How many of these did you already have? Do you know about similar weapons? Let us know in the comments below.

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