Genshin Impact: Locations of Every Stone Tablet and Star Sliver Claymore in Dragonspine

Published 12/24/2020, 10:44 AM EST

Genshin Impact has revealed the new storyline quest for the snow covered region of ‘Dragonspine’ in update 1.2. This area harnesses Cryo monsters and an unknown new civilization that could pose a threat to travelers. This region will introduce new side quests and collectible items that can offer amazing rewards. One such item is the legendary Snow-Tombed Star Silver Claymore.


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How to forge the legendary sword of Dragonspine in Genshin Impact?

The pathway of the Dragonspine is treacherous and full of surprises with the cold eating away your body along with several enemies that are out for blood. In such a situation, finding a collectible becomes a task in itself.

This is where you should refer to a reliable guide. It will make your hunt for each specific item, or in this case stone tablets and the legendary Snow-Tombed Star Sliver Claymore, easy.

Location number 1

Teleport to the ‘Snow-Covered Path’ way-point dash towards the east and make your way down the slope. You should discover a burning torch up on the road near the lake, and that is where you will your first Stone-Tombed Tablet.

Location number 2

Statue of the Seven in the Entombed city contains the next stone tomb. Make your way down a giant cave that is present directly opposite the Statue of the Seven. Head down the hallways to find a square contraption present in the room directly below the statue to find the second tablet.

Location number 3

Teleport back to the same Statue of the Seven as this location contains the third tablet as well. Jump on the wall present on the left, climb on top of it and then glide down towards the edge of the outer wall. Now make your way on the right side and glide towards the ‘Star Glow Cavern’ waypoint entrance. This entrance will contain the next tablet that you guys can easily find.

Note: (It is on the entrance of the interlinking route so don’t use waypoints follow the pathway mentioned.)

Location number 4

This one would require you to teleport on the waypoint present in the Star Glow Cavern. Look towards your right side and climb the cliff all the way to the summit. Once you reached the top, look towards the left section, you should be able to find an open space that contains blue colored ice. You will find your fourth stone there on a small cliff.

Location number 5

This snow tablet is located on the west section of the way-point near the Mingyun Village. Follow the pathway, it should lead you towards yet another crater that is present beyond the squared contraption section. Head down and destroy the breakable blue ice wall to reveal your 5th Stone tablet.

Location number 6

This contraption is very easy to locate, as it is in the outskirts region of the Entombed city. Teleport on the waypoint preset on the left, directly underneath Wyrmrest Valley. Make your way down to locate a blue chasm that looks like a ritual ground, head inside to locate the tablet sitting near the dead ruin guards.

Location number 7

Similar to the previous one, this time you have to teleport on the waypoint present on the right underneath the Wyrmrest Valley. Follow the wooden pathway and climb up the road. You should find a small open space area that contains the 7th stone tablet.

Location number 8

The final tablet is located right on the new domain, just teleport and find it sitting outside. This is probably one of the easiest ones to find.


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Unearthing the legendary sword from the dungeon

There you have it, all the locations of every single stone tablet that you would need to open the secret door. This secret door is present in the location of the second stone tablet area, after interacting with all of them head over there.

Press the square contraption, it should open the door present in front of you. This door contains a special precious chest containing the recipe to forge the legendary Snow-Tombed Star silver claymore.


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