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Genshin Impact: Mistakes That Every Beginner Should Avoid

Published 04/14/2021, 2:10 PM EDT

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Genshin Impact has made its name by creating an enormous impact on the community. The game is getting a lot of attention and love with every passing day. Owing to its tremendous hype, a lot of players are joining the Genshin Impact universe.

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Since miHoYo’s creation is attracting a lot of players, many newbies are also planning to start their adventure. However, similar to any other game, several beginners make mistakes at the start of their journeys. These are some mistakes that everyone should avoid at the start of the game.


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Top mistakes to avoid in Genshin Impact

Artifacts and Fragile Resin

Artifacts play a very important role while building to unleash their true potential. Everyone wishes to get good artifacts and try their best to grind for them. However, later in the game a lot of newbies realize that investing in low star artifacts is the worst decision they ever made.

Therefore, it’s best to start grinding for artifacts only after you hit Adventure Rank 45 as it will guarantee you a five-star artifact. Furthermore, never waste your Fragile Resin below level 45, as even at level 40 you only get a small chance of getting good artifacts. It’s best to save as much Fragile Resin as you can to use them later in the game.


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Northlander Billet- Weapon craft able material

Northlander Billet is a very rare item drop which you can get from defeating weekly bosses. It’s so rare that even at end-game most players don’t have all copies of them. Several players waste them at the start of their journey, and later they become very hard to obtain.

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Hence, it’s best to save at least one copy of them to use in the future. miHoYo will definitely release some more craft-able weapons later in the game as well.

Mora, Hero’s Wit, and other ascension materials

At the start of the game, you don’t understand the value of Mora and other ascension materials. It’s very easy to obtain them at the start, but later acquiring becomes an arduous task. The best solution is to focus on Mora, Hero’s Wit, Talent Books, and other ascension materials before Adventure Rank 40.

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Many players waste their Resin on artifacts below level 45; therefore, rather than focusing on artifacts, the best would be to focus on these items.

Save Primogems in Genshin Impact


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Primogems are a very important currency introduced by miHoYo in the game. YouTuber Enviosity is one of the greatest free-to-play players in the game. He has not used a single primogem since the start and has saved up to 70k primogems.

You should only pull on banners that have a featured character that you desperately like. It would be a wise option to not waste them if you only have an eye on a four-star character as you will get them sooner or later, but wasting your primogems on a five-star character that you absolutely hate just because you like a four-star character would be the worst decision.


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