Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 Best Builds for Zhongli Post Buff

Published 02/06/2021, 9:32 AM EST

Now that Zhongli has received his much-needed rework and buff, you can invest in this character. Mihoyo quickly realized its mistake with Zhongli and before things go out of hand, the studio rolled out some rework with patch 1.3 for Genshin Impact. After the buff, Zhongli has unlocked his true potential and has become a more versatile unit.


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Aside from the good old build that only made him feel like a support, Zhongli can deal respectable damage. Here’s a rundown of the many ways you can build him aside from the outdated support build.


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Zhongli is a true Archon of Genshin Impact

How you need to build him depends on what role you want him to take on. If you are lacking a support then follow up on the new buff and you will realize he is now an immense support character. He can buff his own damage and his team’s damage with his mere presence, and the newly enhanced shield can become unbreakable.

To build a proper support Zhongli, you can give him a 4-piece set of bolide with adequate HP stats that can turn into a tank. The rework has added more power to the shield, and the bolide set fits right in.

Give him three main stats like HP and some energy recharge substat, and one attack damage for enhancing his ultimate damage. For this build you can give him any weapon of your choice, even a black tassel would do wonders for you. Focus on upgrading the shield first and then the ultimate; you can ignore the normal attacks.

This build will turn him into a godlike support Zhongli with an unbreakable shield. He will protect your entire team with ease, but you will have to keep spamming that shield after cooldown.

Carry build for Zhongli

The physical build has now caught everyone’s eye in the community, and it definitely works. This build became possible because of the attack increment that now scales with his hit points. Zhongli can work as a strong physical damage unit, but he is still not a dedicated carry. This build would need strong polearms like Black Cliff, Primordial Jade, Vortex Vanquisher, or the Crescent Pike.

Now for the artifacts, you should go with either a 2-piece Bloodstained Chivilary with a 2-piece set of Gladiator or a 4-piece set of Bloodstained Chivilary. Instead of Geo damage bonus, give him a cup with a physical damage amplifier and Zhongli is going to dish out amazing damage.

Other main stats of artifacts should have crit rate, crit damage, and some attack percentage. If it is at all possible, give him energy recharge for that necessary ultimate spam, and for the remaining artifacts you will only need HP percentage. Naturally, for this build, you need to max out his normal attacks and everything else is secondary.

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Support DPS Build

This build is a hybrid of the aforementioned two roles and here is how it works. First up, you need to give him a 2-piece set of Archiac Petra coupled with a 2-piece set of Noblesse Oblige. It will give him the elemental burst capabilities while also enhancing the damage multiplier with the Geo bonus.


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Although, you can also go with the 4-piece artifact Noblesse Oblige set as it is also suitable here. Any four-star weapon will be an excellent choice here, although in this build you will mostly utilize your abilities.

Focus on getting good HP stats, energy recharge, and attack percentage. This build will require Geo elemental damage bonus as it will play a key role in enhancing your damage output. Talent level up should prioritize the elemental burst and elemental skill, and you can ignore normal attacks.

This will turn you into a sub-DPS damage monster that can dish out amazing damage with his elemental burst. The energy recharge works well here, and the aforementioned stats will help you dish out a constant barrage of meteors.


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