Genshin Impact: Should You Pull for Ganyu or Wait for Xaio in Update 1.3?

January 13, 2021 6:35 pm

Genshin Impact is steadily building an expansive roster with routine content updates. This time around, the game will introduce two back-to-back characters who require special ascension materials. Rumor has it, update 1.3 will see the addition of a new world boss that will give out the said materials. This boss will only serve as a means to upgrade both Ganyu and Xiao to their maximum potential.

Similarities between the two characters in terms of upgrades run much deeper and ultimately raise questions. Which one should you pull for, Ganyu or  Xiao? Ganyu serves as a versatile unit, while Xiao will take on the role of Main DPS.

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Genshin Impact is dependent on team composition

The game is based around eight elements, and each element interacts uniquely with one another. Each character possesses powers of a particular element that grants them innate abilities, talent, and constellations. The way each is designed and how they operate usually dictates what role will the character plays.

Now Ganyu is predominately considered a main DPS with her constellations, but without them, she can take on the role of ‘off-field’ support. On the other hand, Xiao’s sole purpose is to deal damage, which makes him a proper hyper carry unit.  He can crush his foes even without the constellations.

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It seems quite obvious what each character can do, so you need to check into your own roster to pinpoint your weakness. If you are lacking a strong unit that can dish out damage then you should wait for Xiao and in case you need an ‘off-field’ Cryo support then Ganyu is your best bet.

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Mihoyo added a secret buff to Ganyu

Ganyu received a secret buff to her Elemental Burst(Q) after the banner was released. In the test servers, she had a 5-second downtime on her Q, which has been removed from her kit. Ganyu can continuously apply area-of-effect Cryo damage as the duration of the skill and cooldown both are set at 15 seconds.

It makes her one of the best off-the-field 5-star support characters who can contribute a constant burst of Cryo damage. You can pair her with Pyro DPS units with a Hydro support to apply shatter damage with constant freeze and melt. Furthermore, a Hydro catalyst in Mona or Hydro DPS unit in Tartaglia can also work really well.

So each character’s work serves a particular purpose, and it would solely come down to what your need of the hour is. Make your choices based on what your team is lacking and the character pool you have. It will help you to tackle the ever-changing higher levels of Abyss floors with rather ease.

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