Genshin Impact unveiled ‘Xinyan‘ in the latest teaser trailer posted on their official YouTube account,  Xinyan will be the second new character that will be added to the game alongside Zhongli with the upcoming banner.

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Genshin Impact’s Character banner

Every banner contains two new characters of 5 and 4-star rarity each, along with 2 previous ones. Genshin Impact has teased fans with the last remaining character in ‘Xinyan’, a resident of Liye Harbor.

Who is Xinyan?

Posting merely a teaser about the character, ‘Xinyan’ appears to be the sole rock-and-roll queen of Liye Harbor. She is a pioneer of her music, and a rebel in her heart, and a straight-up fighter.

Battling against the prejudice and disdain in the world of Tevyat that looks down upon her passions. Wielding an electric guitar as a weapon, bashing her opponents while stunning the world with her passion for rock.

Another Pyro character

If Zhongli is the 5-star character for this banner, then Xinyan’s addition as a 4 star Pyro character will only make everyone’s life easier. Especially for Free-to-play players that cannot complete their party with a decent Pyro character.

With the drop rate for 4-star characters being significantly higher, players can now take advantage of this opportunity to unlock Xinyan.

Pyro characters are one of the most sought after in the game, as the main DPS Pyro character can counter over one element in the game. This will allow players to farm over one type of domain and world bosses.

Pyro characters mesh really well with Electro, Cryo, and Water elements as each can trigger an elemental reaction boosting their damage output.

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The game needed more Pyro elemental characters, as Klee and Deluc are extremely hard to get. The impossibility of getting one of those two legendary characters had become an issue for players.

Not having a Pyro character would prevent the players from completing their party, as the game needed to add more such characters to combat that problem.


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What do you think about the new character? Will you be looking forward to her arrival? Let us know in the comments.

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