Genshin Impact Tier List: Ranking Every 5-Star Unit From Strongest to Weakest

Published 02/17/2021, 9:47 AM EST

Tier list in Genshin Impact never really stays the same, as each update changes the meta. Mihoyo introduces three new 5-star characters with its six week routine update. This directly impacts the viability of other 5-star units and the roles they can take on. Although these units serve as power creep that can amp up your party, there are some that are weaker than their peers.


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This gives rise to chatter in the community that incidentally dictates the meta of the game. On the contrary, gamers don’t need to rely on these tier lists, as each 5-star unit will always be viable. Although, making a tier list of these units could give the players a better idea to plan out their pulls and what characters they should target with the re-runs.

Let’s analyze the entire roster of 5-star units and bifurcate the strongest to the weakest luxury characters. This list will only consider constellation zero 5-star units, as getting them once is more reasonable than unlocking constellation 6.


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Ranking strongest to weakest 5-star units in Genshin Impact

The game contains a total number of eleven 5-star units that serve as luxury characters. They are powerful beings that harness powers that can outdo the majority of 4-star units, but they’re not easily gained. The strength of these characters gives rise to speculations in the community around their power levels, and this tier list aims to provide some clarity to that debate.


The most powerful support unit in the entire game, Venti is just broken. This character will always be viable inside the game, no matter what happens. No other unit can pull an entire mob of enemies together in one place like he does.

He makes the game feel easy, the abyss floors feel childish, and if you get him you are essentially playing the game on easy mode. You can pair him with literally any character and any team composition, and he will offer extreme utility. He is still regarded as the strongest character despite being a part of the first batch of 5-star units.


If Venti is the support god of Genshin Impact, then Ganyu is the god of DPS units. She can dish out an insane amount of damage in a gigantic area of effect that also applies for Cryo status. She works as a broken support character, as a broken DPS character, and also as an overpowered sub DPS unit.

There is not a role that this character cannot take on aside from being a tank. Ganyu is designed to be built into a godlike DPS unit. She also turns the game into easy mode by removing every single mechanic from the game. If nothing can touch you, then there is no need of doing anything, as her ultimate skill can kill everyone around her easily.


Exactly like Venti, Diluc still holds a special place among the list of elite characters. Even at Constellation zero, his damage output feels broken as he can easily dish out high amount of damage with his ultimate. He is great against spell shields and being a Claymore user makes him effective against shield bearers.

Pyro is one of the strongest elements in the game, and unsurprisingly, Diluc being a Pyro claymore user tops the tier list.


Xiao is arguably the second strongest character in the game right now. The last surviving member of the 5 Yakshas, Xiao is also known as the conqueror of demons. He brandishes a unique playstyle with his plunge attacks and can jump into the air and use his downward plunge attacks to dish out high amounts of damage in an area of effect.

There is no other character in the game that can deal 50K damage with plunge attacks alone. This is the reason why he is probably one of the strongest, if not the strongest character in the game.


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Tartaglia serves as a world boss inside the game when you finish the Liyue storyline. Although the players can’t really access his delusional form, the Dragonspine update has propelled him into superiority once again.

The new Hydro artifact sets seem to be designed for him specifically, and he feels like a whole another level of a broken unit after it. He belongs in this category mainly because of the new artifact set. Even if you wish to put that aside, Tartaglia has never really showcased any prominent weakness.


Post buff, Zhongli of patch 1.3 has finally donned the role of being an Archon god of Liyue. The previous iterations felt underwhelming and downright weak. However, he is a completely distinct character who now qualifies as one of the strongest units there is.

You can play him as a support, physical DPS, burst DPS, or a tank. The new buffs have made his shield invulnerable, which makes memorizing attack patterns or even dodging obsolete.


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Moderately strong characters of Genshin Impact


The only reason why Mona features on this list is because of her constellations. Mona needs at least two constellations to become a DPS unit, something that free-to-play players won’t get to access. Hence, Mona is finding herself among the second strongest characters of the game, as she is severely limited by her constellations.

If you can keep that aside, Mona can produce damage numbers that are unparalleled. She can pull off 200K and upwards of damage with her ultimate, but she would need a Pyro unit to pull it off. This essentially makes her a support DPS character that cannot heal, and she relies on her teammates to trigger damage from her ultimate.


Klee is the hardest character to play in Genshin Impact. There is no other unit that demands such a high level of mechanical skill and movement. Although she is one of the strongest Pyro characters in the entire roster, her complexity mars her viability.

Being a catalyst character comes attached with its own limitations. You will need to pair her with an adequate 5-star character to dish out damage. Although her complex playstyle might once again come in the way, that often discourages players from using her. This directly translates into a lowered amount of damage that makes her only moderately strong.


Jean is a strong healer support character, but being a 5-star hurts her viability. She can dish out great damage and healing bonuses with her abilities; however, neither is she a specialist in dealing damage nor an expert healer. Other characters can effectively fill those roles, and it ultimately makes Jean less desirable.


Albedo was introduced with Dragonspine update 1.2 alongside his special weapon festering desire. Although he is a more recent character who joined the roster, he does not serve as a strong DPS character or support unit.

He is best paired with other Geo element users like Zhongli or other characters who rely on elemental reactions to deal damage. Albedo offers a high number of elemental mastery to the party, which directly helps units’ ability to deal damage.

Weakest 5-star characters of Genshin Impact


She is a support healer character that is 5-star in nature. This aspect alone makes her one of the worst 5-star units in the entire game.

Think about this, support roles are usually filled by 4-star characters who cannot kill enemies effectively. You either use them as off-field support or just as a medium to trigger elemental reactions. Her design of a 5-star support character ultimately makes her the weakest luxury unit in the game.


Keqing is neither a strong DPS character nor can she take on the role of a support unit. She is not versatile at all, and the only way she can deal damage is with her physical attacks and not elemental ones., which means no superconduct, no overload, and so on is possible with her. This hurts her viability as her peers can deal multitudes of damage, essentially making her the weakest 5-star DPS character.


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The main character of Genshin Impact

The main character in Genshin Impact is also a 5-star unit. In the future, this unit will be able to switch between every single element that will make it a much stronger character. Keeping that aside, Genshin Impact only brandishes two regions in Anemo and Geo for now. Both of these elements are not viable enough to turn the main character into a powerful 5-star unit.

Although it is very possible that the addition of Nathan, Fontaine, Inazuma could turn into a mighty character. But until that happens, this unit sits firmly among the worst 5-star characters in the game.


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Follow through the events and every developer update by visiting Mihoyo Forums. The developers post regular news and behind the scene tidbits that are happening with the title on a routine basis.

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