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Genshin Impact: Top 5 Things miHoYo Needs to Fix

Published 03/21/2021, 8:02 AM EDT

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Genshin Impact has done a lot of things to provide an entertaining experience. It is indeed set in a fancy world that is full of mystical monsters and a massive roster of characters. Players can pull powerful units from the limited-duration and permanent character banners that can enhance your party’s strength. On top of these powerful units, the game also boasts amazing combat and astonishing elemental reactions.

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These aspects alone make the title an interesting offering, which has thus far attracted millions of players. However, there are certain things that the developers need to fix in order to remain in the good books of the community.


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MiHoYo needs to fix these 5 elements of Genshin Impact

The game is still lacking in certain aspects that affect everyone’s gaming experience. If the studio can address these issues at the earliest, it would not only help the fans to stick with the title but also enable them to get more enjoyment out of the game. Here are top 5 things that miHoYo needs to fix at the earliest in order to keep the title enjoyable.

The issue with higher AR

The long-term players of the game, who have reached the highest Adventure Rank (AR) tier i.e beyond AR 50 are stuck in the mud. The level up slows down significantly, and it becomes impossible to gain levels routinely beyond the point of AR 55. The calculation suggests that the jump from AR 55 to 60 would take about 400+ days.


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The creator should offer enhanced XP with the upcoming nations, in order to make the climb less tedious. Everyone wants to reach the highest drop rate possible, but over a year to gain mere 5 levels seems a bit too much.

Transparency and lack of content

These issues are probably the biggest problem the game is facing at the moment. The lack of content for the older players has taken the fun out of the game. Long-time players have become bored to a point that they are looking for alternate options, because of the absence of content.

Limited content is tied with miHoYo’s lack of transparency or a proper roadmap. The gaming studio needs to lay out their plans, that the player base can refer to, which will keep them excited for future updates. Not only that, this issue would certainly help the studio to counter the problem of leaks, as it would notify the community about fresh developments.

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Hangout events are uneventful

The community’s anger towards the latest feature seems justified. The new Hangout events do not add anything to the game. but instead, it makes for repetitive content that soon becomes downright boring. miHoYo must tweak this event at the earliest, as player base has already invested the precious story keys.

The rewards should not be offered based on repetition, as it makes the entire event dull. Some major changes need to be made, in order to make this event enjoyable.

Crafting bench in co-op

These benches are an extremely important aspect of the game, as it enables the players to create useful items. So far, the benches remain unusable in the co-op mode, which forces the players to revert back to a single-player mode. This disrupts the co-op experience in a big way, as it forces players to return to their world.

Although, the developers have stated that this issue is on their radar in a recent post. Sadly, update 1.4 did not include this feature, and it still remains as one of the important things miHoYo needs to fix at the earliest.

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Fix statue of the seven in Genshin Impact

 Another prominent issue that the developers need to fix is the healing statue of the seven. At the high AR levels, the characters HP also grow massively, which makes the statue of the seven healing inadequate. In just a single instance, the entire healing pool gets exhausted because of the massive HP pool of unit. This makes the statue unavailable for at least 40 minutes, and it causes inconvenience.

Right now it might not seem like a major issue, but it could become in the future. The new nation will definitely add powerful world boss and domain that will certainly require multiple retries. In which case, the developers should either make these statues’ healing scale of world level or they should offer free revives and a small amount of health.


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Stay up to date with every developer blog by visiting miHoYo Forums. Developers and community members post interesting posts routinely, which can give you snippets of the upcoming updates.



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