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Ghost of Tsushima: Quirky Stats Show How Millions Indulged

Ghost of Tsushima: Quirky Stats Show How Millions Indulged

PlayStation 4 has hit a home run with its newest exclusive. Ghost of Tsushima has been setting a number of records since its initial release on July 17. Who doesn’t love seeing numbers and Sony has just released some interesting figures.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game by Sucker Punch production. The game has been lauded for its stunning open-world detail and visuals.

The game is set on Tsushima Island in the 13th century. The setting has been heavily inspired by history and that is very evident once you fire up the game. The plot starts with the Mongol Empire invading Japan and defeating almost all legendary fighters of the land. One of the last surviving Samurai, Jin Sakai, fights back with allies, forging a new way to defeat the Mongol Empire.

Ghost of Tsushima – numbers speak

The game’s trailers alone had everyone hooked. And well, the numbers speak for themselves. Sony announced that Ghost of Tsushima became the fastest-selling new IP for PlayStation. Soon, they decided to share the number for the first 10 days and now it’s obvious what the hype was all about.

Just in the first 10 days, players have engaged in 156.4 million standoffs, 57.5 million duels, and, rather surprisingly, played 28.1 million flute songs. In total, players have spent 810.3 years on horseback and no one forgot to pet foxes with that number standing at 8.8 million.

The rest of the numbers are listed down below:

139.4 Million enemies collapsed in fear
16.2 Million Onsen visited
14.2 Million Haikus written
171. Million bamboo strikes completed
37.5 Million Inari Shrines honored
15.5 Million photos taken

The numbers prove that players have been devoting a lot of time to the newly released game. Ghost of Tsushima is indeed a landmark in gaming and the stats shared further highlights how much. If you are yet to try the game out, don’t wait around, turn on your PlayStation console and get right to it.

Source: PlayStation Twitter

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