God is an Impostor in this Among Us Mod

January 16, 2021 6:02 pm

InnerSloth’s party game, Among Us, rose to fame in the global lockdown of 2020. Although it released in 2018, the game came into the limelight when popular YouTubers started playing it on their streams. Many creators then got inspired to come up with mods of the game, which also became insanely popular.

Most of these mods tried to balance the power that the crewmates and impostors have. On the other hand, some creators overpowered the impostor more than before. In the mod that InquisitorMaster shared on their channel recently, the impostor is God. The video has over 2.3 million views in a single day.

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The impostor flaunts Godly powers in this Among Us mod

In this mod of Among Us, the impostors literally have the elements of nature on their side. Apart from the usual powers of killing and sabotaging the game, the impostors also possess additional abilities they can use against crewmates. They can use wind, fire, lightning, and water to kill or slow down the crewmates.

While fire can immediately kill the crewmate, the other elements can simply stunt their movement within the game. Therefore, it is a lot easier for the impostor to kill without any hindrance. In fact, even if a crewmate sees them kill, they can simply stunt their movement and prevent them from pushing the emergency button.

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Naturally, given the features of this version of Among Us, the community expects the impostors to be practically undefeatable. However, what made the video interesting was the fact that in spite of their opponent’s excessive powers, the crewmates won most of the rounds.

This was simply because the impostor cannot stunt every crewmate at the same time, thereby allowing at least one of them to press the emergency button and expose them.

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