God of War’s PC Release Triggers Massive Speculation On Kratos Returning to Fortnite

Published 01/14/2022, 8:30 AM EST

PC fans are finally getting the much-awaited God Of War. As much as the hype around the game is, it also indicates the possibility for a crossover with Fortnite in the future. At least that’s what a trusted leaker has suggested.

Shiina, on Twitter, mentioned that according to their theory, due to God of War’s PC port coming to the Epic Games store, the title might cross paths with Fortnite. The last time when both the titles had a collaboration was over a year ago.


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about 1 year ago


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God of War x Fortnite, once more!

In his tweet, as you can see below, Shiina shares how he feels about God of War having a possible crossover with Fortnite. He said that Kratos might appear once again in the popular battle royale. But he made a clarification as well, that he didn’t get any information on this and it’s just purely a theory of his own.

Well, fans will surely love this theory if it turns into reality in the future. It makes sense as well to have a crossover of Fortnite with God of War, since the latter is getting a PC debut. The occasion is perfect for Epic Games to announce something interesting related to GOW.

The PlayStation exclusive from 2018 is finally here now for PC players. The iconic blockbuster needs no introduction when it comes to how amazing it is. After the console users, now those with computers can also enjoy the mythological saga. Moreover, those with a high-end PC can revel in the 4K-flawless experience the game can offer.

In God of War, you take control of Kratos, who explores various puzzles elements throughout the plot. In comparison to past entries in the beloved gaming franchise, the reboot installment is different in its overall design itself. The most notable change is Kratos doesn’t have the double-chained Blades of Chaos.


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The main story also has Kratos’ son Atreus, who doesn’t know anything about his father’s past or his intent. As for the villain, Baldur is the primary evil figure in God of War; he is the half-brother of Thor.

Meanwhile, there are even more characters and elements that fans will find when they play God of War on PC this week.


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What are your thoughts on this latest PC port of the award-winning game?

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