The gaming industry is incomplete with PlayStation developed by Sony. PlayStation has ruled the console market for over a decade, with its brilliant innovation and terrific gaming experiences through home video game consoles. 

According to a source, Sony’s PlayStation has reached a terrific number of sales throughout its lifetime. PlayStation users are extremely excited about the news. Sony PlayStation’s astounding amount of lifetime sales represents this company’s dedication to users and its extraordinary relationship with gamers for over 30 years.

Sony confirms an astounding amount of PlayStation console sales in a lifetime


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Recently Sony has confirmed that it has sold over 600 million PlayStation consoles to users since it began its journey. Sony Interactive Entertainment started its video gaming venture in 1994 when the company was known as Sony Computer Entertainment. Their very first PlayStation was launched in Japan and a year after in North America and Europe.

Sony confirmed that it sold 102.5 million PlayStation One consoles in 1999. After that, when PlayStation 2 was released in 2000, this console received so much popularity that Sony confirmed a sale of 159 million copies of PlayStation 2 to its worldwide users. In fact, PlayStation 2 was the very first video game console that included the functions of the DVD playback.

Despite the criticisms, PlayStation 2 became a fan favorite just right after its release and became the bestselling video game console in the market. Not only that, but in 2004 this company also launched its very first handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Portable 2004. This portable console sold almost 81 million copies worldwide. PlayStation Three was launched in 2006 and sold 87.4 million units.

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Sony released its PlayStation 4 seven years after the launch of PlayStation 3 and sold 117.2 million units worldwide. Interestingly after PlayStation 2’s launch, no other consoles were released in China because of their console ban policy. This means that after the second generation, PlayStation China received PlayStation 4 directly.

In between, Sony released another handheld gaming console, PlayStation Vita, in 2011, which received minimal popularity among fans. This console sold 15.8 million units worldwide. Finally, the latest gaming console, PlayStation 5 was released by the company in 2022. PlayStation 5 received immense popularity and within 2 years of its launch, it sold almost 40 million units to date.

Finance shared crazy excitement about PlayStation’s global success

After sources shared the news of PlayStation selling 600 million units of consoles worldwide, fans couldn’t contain their excitement. People commented that they expect PlayStation 5 to even surpass the success of PlayStation One- “I wonder if the ps5 is going to surpass ps1.” Users commented about how they find this success very cool and inspiring. 

It seemed that fans totally loved PlayStation’s success- “Greatest consoles of all time.” The majority of them believed that Sony completely deserved this.


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Some of the fans also expressed their desire to invest in PlayStation consoles- “Most definitely. Now PS4 might be close but I’d put money on it.”


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Sony’s success with PlayStation definitely brought an inspiring story to all the fans about how dedication and perseverance help a company remain in the top position for so long. PlayStation’s incredible features and development completely deserve this success. What do you think about this? Share with us.

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