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Halo: Infinite Beta- Next Technical Preview will Include some Interesting Game Modes

Published 08/24/2021, 10:55 AM EDT

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343 leaves gamers ecstatic with its plans for the next Halo: Infinite Beta as the devs reveal a 4v4 Slayer mode and Big Team Battle will for Halo lovers to try out along with the first beta’s content. The next technical preview is already the talk of the town without official date and one does not need to ask why. Halo: Infinite launches later this year and will be Xbox and PC exclusive.

What will the next Halo: Infinite Beta offer?

In a similar fashion to the first test, players will have to sign up for the Halo Insider Program to get their hands on the latest features.


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Even though the devs hold back on confirming any dates for the next beta, they do know what it means for players to try out the modes firsthand.  343 producer, Sam Hanshaw, confirms there will be an increase in the number of participants this time around. With more invitations going out, it might be your lucky day, so do not forget to register.


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Hanshaw also confirms Bot Arena & Academy Weapon drills along with the news modes while talking about the technical preview.

“Another big scale flight like this, with even more people invited. We’re going to include the same content we had this time–the bots, and the weapon drills–but we’re also targeting a full release of 4v4 PvP action and we want to go even bigger and have Big Team Battle,”.

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Infinite’s launch might be full of mixed reactions


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Unfortunately, Halo: Infinite will not have the Forge or campaign co-op at launch. Including some crucial modes that most Halo offered at launch. This could also see criticism similar to Halo 5: Guardians stir up again.

But thankfully, it does not end there. Microsoft confirmed they plan on releasing content all throughout the year after the game’s launch while essentially saying delays are part of the process. 343 Industries also confirmed Beta Test for new features post-launch similar to the testing in the franchise’s previous games.


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With Big Team and Slayer on the way, the next Beta test is already bigger than the previous one. Are you registered for the trial or are you going to be a bystander as Halo takes on other titles even before its release?


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