Halo: Infinite Campaign and Multiplayer- Fans Ecstatic as 343 Finally Seems to Have Fixed the Game’s Visuals Ahead of Holiday 2021 Release

Published 06/13/2021, 2:55 PM EDT

One of the biggest revelations of E3 2021 has finally taken place, as Xbox announces the release date for Halo infinite. This franchise has redefined the FPS genre time and time again with each iteration. It seems like even this version of the game will push the bar even further, as the game showcases state-of-the-art visuals.


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Gamers will once again get the chance to step into the shoes of the iconic spartan, Master Chief. This iteration will further the story of the legendary title, as Master Chief prepares to exact revenge on his enemies.


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image source: Xbox

Halo is going to offer free-to-play multiplayer that any Xbox owners and PC users can pick up. The studio has promised to deliver an unforgettable experience in both multiplayer and single-player campaigns. The growing popularity of the free-to-play genre has also compelled Xbox to explore the same route. The success of prominent FPS titles like Warzone, Apex Legends, and Valorant may have inspired the studio.

Twitter reacts to Xbox announcing free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer

The news was destined to break the internet, and it did way more than anyone could have predicted. Fans were expecting to receive gameplay footage and release but the multiplayer announcement caught everyone by surprise.

video source: Xbox

Unsurprisingly, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop was the first one to reach out after the revelation. The prominent streamer approved Xbox’s announcement and suggested that free-to-play is the right move.

Professional Halo player for Team Envy, TriPPPeY also chimed in to offer his response to the big news.

Some fans expected gameplay reveal and not just the multiplayer announcement.

This is not the only news that is going to be revealed, as the studio will reveal gameplay videos tomorrow.

Finally, Master Chief is back in action, and fans just can’t get enough of the trailer.

Complexity gaming’s content creator, Electra also loved the idea of Halo going free-to-play in 2021.

Reigning world champions of Valorant, Team Sentinels absolutely loved Halo Infinite’s showcase.

TSM Myth woke up from his sleep after Xbox announced Halo is going free-to-play

FaZe Clan’s co-owner and one of the most entertaining streamers of Twitch, Nickmercs join the Halo thread as well.


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What did you think about the trailer? Are you excited about the free-to-play multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.


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