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Halo Infinite Player Leaves Nintendo Fans Awestruck by Creating This Classic Super Mario Bros. Location

Published 11/23/2022, 12:50 PM EST

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. and Microsoft’s Halo series cannot be more different than each other. One is a vibrant action platformer full of funny colorful characters, while the other is a moderately dark sci-fi first-person shooter about worlds ending and ongoing war between various species.

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343 Industries, the developers of Halo games recently released the Winter update for Halo Infinite. This update included a number of features that fans had been asking for ever since the game’s launch. New maps, new game modes, and some new features such as campaign chapter selection.


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The most celebrated addition to Halo Infinite was The Forge. Forge is a feature that almost every game in the series has had for years. It gives players a number of tools to build their own levels and set their own rules within those levels.

Mario 64 makes its way into Halo Infinite!

Now, despite how different Super Mario Bros. and Halo are, there obviously are gamers who play both these games. And one such gamer decided to use Halo’s Forge to create something that’s both surprising and unbelievable at the same time.


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A Youtuber by the name of BOBO Gaijin recently shared a video where he showcased a complete recreation of Super Mario 64’s Hub level, which is Princess Peach’s castle on his channel. And it is not just a barebones copy-paste either. From the inside out, this castle had everything. The creator even went ahead and placed a bunch of teleporters where level portals are supposed to be.


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Fans still await the next mainline Mario entry from Nintendo

Everyone agrees that this kind of creation just shows the kind of fan following that everyone’s favorite plumber has. And those fans are now waiting for Mario’s next big adventure to be announced. Although not in a game, yet, he would be featured in an upcoming movie starring Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, which is currently in production at Universal’s Illumination animation studios.


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Fans are hoping Nintendo announces the new Mario game soon too, as the Next Legend of Zelda game is almost here. Of course, Nintendo has been doing a lot right now, with Metroid 4 and such. So let us wait and see what plans Nintendo has for Mario.

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